How to make floral shoe clips

It's time for a tutorial!

Last week, some of you asked for step-by-step instructions for making the chiffon flower shoe clips that I shared. You asked, I'm answering.

Supply List
1/2 yard of the fabric (the yard I bought will probably make 12 flowers)
Small bit of thick fabric (canvas or felt works)
Backings for clip earrings (in the jewelry section of the craft store)
Something round
Glue gun

Optional items if using chiffon
Tissue paper

1. The first step is to cut discs to use for the flowers.  If using a slippery fabric like chiffon, put the fabric between two layers of tissue paper and use pins to secure the fabric in place. I used a rumbled piece of tissue paper, but that isn't necessary.  Use whatever you have.

2. Trace something round onto the tissue paper and then start cutting.  Some tutorials call for 8 fabric discs per flower, but I thought 10 looked much better.  The flowers seemed fuller.

3. The discs don't have to be perfect and even if they start that way, after cutting dozens of these things out, your cutting technique will suffer a little bit.

4.  This is the fun part.  Fold each disc in half, then in half again.  I stuck each on a threaded needle (see next step) as I went along to keep them folded.

5.  Once you have ten discs folded and sitting on the threaded needle, pull the needle through.  Keep the folded discs tight in your hand! Don't let go yet!

6. Pull the thread tight and have your fiance tie a knot while you hold the folded discs together.  If your fiance is already taking pictures of you doing this, he shouldn't have a hard time with this. If you are doing this without anyone around, put the stack of folded discs under something heavy to keep them together or put them between your knees as you tie.

7.  Let go of the folded discs and tie a few more knots, just to be sure they are secure.

8.  Ta-da!  You have your flower!  Admire your work.

9.  Now you have to make a little platform on which your little flower will sit.  Some tutorials call for using a felt circle, but I decided to glue two discs of canvas together to create my platform.  I used a quarter to trace the discs.

10.  Once your disc is ready, put a bit of hot glue on the middle of it and plunk the fabric flower's knotted center into it.

11.  If needed, put a dab of glue on the edges of the disc and secure the flower to the outside edge of the platform.  I don't think you'd need to do it with a heavier fabric.  The chiffon was flopping around a bit, so I glued the edges.

12.  Decide which part of the flower is going to be the "top" of the shoe clip and use hot glue to secure the clip-on earring backing to the disc platform. 

Let the glue dry for a little while and start cutting discs for the next clip!

If anyone else makes these, I'd love to see how they turn out! 


  1. I tried out your project in combo with a couple of others and I LOVE the results - in fact I blogged about it right here:

  2. Super cute! Love it. Would be great to make a bunch in a few colors. Black-Pink-Yellow-Grey-Hot Pink. Fun!

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  4. This is what I love to do during my high school days. It is one of my hobbies. And I am grateful that I found your blog because I can make worthwhile things so that I won't get bored.

  5. This tutorial is the most helpful i've ever seen...i hope you'll add more:) Thank you for posting that!!!

  6. SO SO SO Cute thank you so much!!

  7. I love these!!  but I HATE cutting chiffon, it is so slippery and prone to fray... A good solution for me would be to cut 10 squares, stack them and pin them together, then cut the circles in one fell swoop. Faster, too! thanks for this cool project.


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