Design Star 2011: They're baaaa-aaack

I used to watch HGTV's Design Star for the hilarity of it...strange, low budget projects combined with totally impractical deadlines always ensured hilarity.  Remember this gorgeous space from the first season?

They designed this space for themselves...they must not like themselves very much.

And this bedroom from the second season's finale?  The person behind this now has a show on DIY and HGTV.  Yikes.

Is it a dorm room?

Last year, however, I watched and dared to dream that a blogger whose style actually deviated from the traditional, HGTV look, could win.  Well, win she did.  The blogsphere rejoiced.

And now, I am looking forward to the 9 PM debut of this year's Design Star with more enthusiasm than I ever had for the show before.  Looking at the cast bios on the HGTV website, I'm pleased to see that most of them have actually studied design.  Plenty of degrees.  Most are working in the industry or in related fields.  I see just one contestant that might be out of her league.  It'll be interesting to watch how she does around trained professionals.

Do you think Design Star has actually turned a corner?


  1. Yay for a blogger!

    The whole sharks-in-the-bedroom thing is kind of 14-year-old boy. I can't say i'd want that in my husband's in my bedroom. lol

  2. Oh, come on, don't tell me you don't like those sparkle pillows! ;) Seriously though, what's up with all the crap on the walls?  Cheap cheap cheap!

    Reminds me of "Trading Spaces"...on a house hunt, I'd come across a living room decorated and featured on the show.  Ugly pea green walls, carpentry that looked like something made in shop class (no finish, sharp corners, lazily nailed together), and just general ugliness.  Needless to say, I bought a different house in the neighborhood.  Driving past that house with the windows open months later, I noticed the new owners had promptly removed any trace of Trading Spaces. :)

  3. While not a show I have regularly watched, I was intrigued with a cross marketing effort on Selling NY where the Design Star show was "house hunting" for a space to put the contestants. Because they needed multiple beds/baths on a budget, the Core broker found a trophy condo and convinced the developer to take it off the market and rent it for the show, with an agreement that the show would showcase the building. I thought that was a smart deal: delay the possibility of a sale in exchange for a lot of free publicity to broaden the potential market.


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