Wedding Wednesday: The wedding dog

If you're a dog person, you probably understand why some couples have their dogs in their weddings. It makes sense to many of us...the relationship between a dog and owner is about unconditional love, companionship, taking care of each other (the smaller the dog, the more seriously they take this role, it seems), and dependability.

I can always count on Baxter to greet me like he hasn't seen me in a month at the front door, to put a paw on my knee or hook it around my wrist if he senses that I'm sad or upset, and to snuggle up next to me when I'm lonely.

Baxter knows he can count on me to open my arms wide to greet him, even if I've only gone to the store for 20 minutes, comfort him during a thunderstorm, and snuggle him up if he has done anything remotely cute (there's a lot of snuggling around here).

When we thought about having Baxter at our wedding, here are some of the things we discussed:
  • we'd have someone (yes, I just anthropromorphised) at our wedding who spends more time with us and knows us better than most.
  • he goes with us everywhere, so it makes sense for him to be with us at our wedding
  • he's cooler than most people and would probably be the most well behaved guest
  • the photo opportunities would be charming (he's a pro at posing for photos)
  • all of our friends love him (one of my colleagues even said he's more person than dog)
  • he loves children and it's always heart warming to see him play with our nephews

Of course, there are some drawbacks:
  • Baxter might be bored at a wedding (not likely...he likes people better than other dogs)
  • Someone would have to serve as handler for the day
  • The handler would miss some of the wedding to take Baxter home after the ceremony
  • We love him so much, we might be distracted from spending time with our guests

I've been collecting pictures of dogs at weddings for months. I find them totally charming, but I'm not sure Baxter's destined to come to our wedding.

Where do you stand on the wedding dog issue?


  1. I don't have a dog, but I liken it to having a small child there - who knows what they will get into, and someone has to watch them all day.  But the idea of having him be the 'ringbearer' is pretty appealing!  Ugh, I guess I'm no help!

  2. I'm torn on this one too.  My dog charlie is getting old and is still skittish with men in hats, or when people surprise her, so she's not the best choice.  But I kind of would like to have Merlin (my black and white Shepherd mix) at my someday wedding, because he'd be adorable and ... I just think it would be fun.  But it does pose a bit more work to include them.

  3. some of my friends had their dog in their engagement photos and i really liked how that turned out.  i think that i would be worried about the dog - but my dog sometimes does not like large groups of people, and he gets bored (or just wants attention).  i completely understand what you are saying about them being such a big part of our lives, and i think that if it is important to you, you could find a way to make it work at least for select parts of the wedding :-)

  4. Altho your dog is a very big and important part of your life..
    being included in your engagement photos is perfectly acceptable..
    I would not include him in the wedding..
    this is YOUR day..
    not to be worrying about your pooch..
    too many things which could go wrong and spoil YOUR big day!!
    I feel the same way about children..
    this is a grown-up affair..
    'nuff said 
    warmest sandy hugs..

  5. I love the idea of having your dog at your wedding, but I completely understand the drawbacks of it. When we got married our venue didn't allow dogs, but I wonder what we would have done if they did. I tend to think we would have gone for it, but it really depends on the dog. If the dog will just be unhappy and stressed at a wedding with lots of people, it's not worth it (a wedding should be fun for everyone! :))

  6. I love this idea!  And your list totally cracked me up (yes, probably the most well-behaved guest!).  Also, I love this whole wedding, and this wedding dog is adorable:

  7. Bet he'll be well behaved.  One of us has missed 2 weddings and a graduation due to one boy's inability to attend the moment.

  8. I can't Imagine your wedding without him!

  9. I think it's totally adorable, and could be pulled off if you had someone to transport him and watch him and they took the job seriously. I would almost pay someone to do it- that way it could be a more distant person who wouldn't feel like they were missing out. Our wedding day was so hectic I wouldn't have wanted to worry about Blanche, but if it was well-planned I think it would be great.


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