Wedding Wednesday: More from Church Street Bridal

This morning, I showed you a slew of pictures of wedding gowns I found at Church Street Bridal in Lynchburg last weekend. I thought I'd continue with some pictures from "Church Street Bridal, Too." The second store is in the basement of the Y building and it has mother-of-the-bride dresses, bridesmaids gowns, and prom dresses.

Most of these dresses were $50. Most were size 10, the sample size. Remember that bridal sizes are generally two "steps" above the vanity sizes used at most stores these days. A bridal 10 translates to a size 6 at the mall.

They warned me that they rarely get duplicates of bridesmaid gowns because they get so many samples. The exception is when a group places an order and cancels it. There was only one "set" of bridesmaids gowns in there when I visited on Saturday.

So many brides these days give their 'maids a color and let each individual girl pick her own dress, so I don't think the lack of an entire size run in a dress would be a turn off to too, too many people.

There is also a prom section, but I didn't think to look at the labels or price tags there. Oops!

There was one Pnina Tornai dress in the basement store that was probably best suited for a mother-of-the-bride. I don't remember how much it was selling for a Church Street Bridal, but I think it's safe to say it will be no where near the retail price you'd pay at Kleinfeld.

The basement and a mezzanine have scores of clearance bridal dresses. I didn't spent much time looking through the clearance racks (by this point, I was so tired!), but the staff member who was showing me around said that they are marked as low as $50. Some need to be cleaned or mended, but so do some of the dresses in the main part of the store.

There were some "lesser" name brands in the clearance section as well.

Did I mention that they have accessories, too? They had dozens of veils, from short, poufy ones to long, lacy mantillas.

They had some shoes, too.
These Martinez Valero shoes in white (size 8 1/2, I tried them) and pink.
They're asking $35 for them.

They had a few hair pieces and a sash or two.

The wedding gowns are the main event at Church Street Bridal, but you could definitely dress yourself from head to toe in beautiful things on a very modest budget here.

I believe they are having a 20% off sale this weekend because they are closing a third location that was down the street. Give them a call to verify if you are tempted to go down there.


  1. You really found the mother load! I will definitely send my bride-to-be friends to check this out before they drop a bunch of money elsewhere. Very cool!

  2. Fabulous!!  Thanks again!

  3. This reminds me of the bridal shop hopping my bridesmaids and I had done before touring gorgeous Long Island wedding venues. Those were the days!


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