Wedding Wednesday: A last look at Church Street Bridal

I thought I'd show you some dresses from Church Street Bridal next to the runway versions, along with prices. I didn't have time to track every dress down, but here are a few...

I would personally take those little ribbons off.

Aren't you impressed?

Church Street Bridal
626 Church Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504


  1. I'm not married, or even engaged right now, but man, this is awesome information!  And the fact that this support's the Y's efforts is even better!


  2. Hands down, the best place in Central Virginia to
    buy a new wedding dress that is donated by designers and bridal shops from
    around the country. All the dresses sold, the money goes back to support the
    programs for women and children at the YWCA of Central VA. I shoot all their
    bridal fashion images as well as video content for the past four years,
    sometimes driving out of town to pick up dresses or unloading new shipments. My
    own wedding clients buy dresses here. To know you have bought a high-end dress
    that retails for thousands, saved money and helped out women and children is a
    plus in my book. 

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  4. @jeannine Hello! I work at Church street bridal. First let me say you did a very great job on this blog! Amazing! Thank you so very much for doing that. I was wondering if you possibly had an email I could reach you at to ask you a few questions?

  5. My best friend got her wedding dress from Church Street! Its beautiful!!!! Wish I had known about this place when I got married :)

  6. The Gilded ThimbleAugust 5, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    Like David, I'm familiar with Church Street Bridal, and I *adore* their dresses!!  I'm a professional alterationist and couturier and many Church Street Bridal clients head my way to have their gowns altered, repaired or redesigned.  These gowns cannot be handed over to a dry cleaners or hobby seamstress.  These are by far my favorite gowns to work on.  I feel so blessed to have been able to "crack" some of these open and work on the internal parts of these gowns.  Many of the gowns are completely hand stitched, because they are original samples from the designers.  These are not mass-produced, manufactured gowns.  They are original works of art and it takes my breath away to see how they are constructed.  The fabrics are authentic and cannot be matched from a local sewing store.  They must be professionally sourced by someone in the industry.  But, it's worth the extra effort because there is a difference!  It's an unbelievable honor to hold a gown in my hands that value sometimes up to 14K.  They are usually 100% silk and the rhythm of the tiny hand stitches that hold the gown together are delightful.  Brides, if there's anyway you could make your pilgrimage to Church Street Bridal, do it!!!   


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