Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you exterior shots of the newly opened Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. Today, I'm going to share some images of the interior spaces.

Instead of walking around to the tasting room, we went in through the Granery. We couldn't resist since we're getting married here next year. All we saw of this room before was an artist's rendering of what it would look like and some construction pictures that the Pippin Hill staff shared on their Facebook page.

I'm going to share the passage that connects the Granery to the tasting room on Friday because there's something interesting in there. So imagine, we've walked down a short, sunny hallway (alongside the beautiful veranda I shared yesterday) and come out in this room:

Yes, it was very crowded!

Someone who saw the picture above asked me how old the building is. It's new!

See that loft above? That's the groom's loft.

Across the room, next to the large serving station, is a really cool looking dumb waiter. I have never had to describe a dumb waiter on this blog, but "cool" was the word I came up with for it.

And now, some of the details...

The bar is an amazing hunk of wood that was brought here from Central America.

There are windows everywhere. It's a bright, cheerful space.

That's Dean Andrews, one of the owners, standing at the table on the left.

Design bloggers, don't you love these stools?

The beautiful view...

I probably should have gotten this shot before we did our tasting...

Oh, you know I took pictures of the bathroom! All for you, dear readers.

I love, love, love the sinks!

On the way out, among some mirrors that probably still need to be hung, we spied a croquet set.

There you go! Tomorrow, we'll take a break from Pippin Hill for Wedding Wednesday. I'm going to share something truly spectacular that you'll want to pass along to anyone you know who might be getting married in the future.

On Thursday, I'll take you into the bridal suite. The pictures are some of my favorites!


  1. Holy crap, that place is amazing!!!  Amazing!!!  I want a glass of wine in front of those windows right now....

  2. So gorgeous!  I love the clean, rustic look.  And that bar?!  AMAZING.

  3. Wow! Beautiful inside and out. An amazing venue for any occasion - how exciting to get married there!

  4. Jeannine, what a fabulous setting for your big day! It's definitely on my list for the next C'ville winery tour!

  5. omg for real that is where you are getting married???? that place is AMAZING- I love love love everything about it! your wedding is going to be out of control beautiful!

  6. Hi Jeannine! I'm enjoying your blog and found that you and I had taken several of the same shots (perspectives) I'm in 100% agreement with you about Pippin Hill for a perfect wedding! Best wishes to you!


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