Not-so-sneak peek inside our new Whole Foods

Local readers would have to be living under a rock not to know that the Charlottesville Whole Foods recently moved from it's tiny, old location (one of the smallest Whole Foods I'd seen) to a big, new location nearby. The new store has been open since Tuesday, but I only ventured over last night. The store has been packed, so it's hard to do anything but put your head down and barrel through at this point. Luckily, Durham based photographer Kate Medley got advanced access to the store and meticulously shot ever inch of it.

Here are some of my favorites...

The veggies in the picture below spell something. I see "we" with an "m" and a "VA"...I think.
(Jane from The Borrowed Abode pointed out that it says "WFM VA")

The signage is more rustic than the old store's. I like it.

I love the huge images of animals below.

This is a fun detail. The chip aisle's floor is from the University of Virginia's old sports arena.

I think most of us are pretty excited about the in-store bar.
I've seen bars in other Whole Foods stores, but I think this one is the nicest.

Check out the markers on the check out lanes...

Does any other store put this much thought into the "next lane" signs?

Now, some of the details...

Hm...apparently, there was a blogger tour on the preview day. I forgive you, Whole Foods.
But reporters and radio personalities aren't bloggers, k?

Thanks to Kate Medley for the use of these fantastic pictures!
Check out her full albums, if you'd like to see more!


  1. The store does look nice, and I love the rustic touches. 
    I think the veggies spell WFM VA (whole foods market).

  2. Look at that! Apparently I was on the "blogger tour" list but I assure you -- no one contacted me. (Pouting). What's up with that?? Great post; fabulous photos. Still haven't been but I'm looking forward to it. I call Tweetup at that bar -- after the fervor dies down.

  3. "Hm...apparently, there was a blogger tour on the preview day. I forgive you, Whole Foods." We don't! :-) Awesome post and photos, though, thanks!

  4. Can`t really compare with others `cause I haven`t seen the new Whole Foods (altho the pics are great) but Harris Teeter seems to be doing a fine job also and the BR Kroger remodeled not so long ago. Competition among grocery stores provides great choices - made America great.

  5. Yay, we have a big buffet now!  I've been longing for one like Short Pump's.  (Photo at

  6. great photos!
    did you feel like the produce section was smaller than the old whole foods?
    i love the new pizza station! 

    wonder who their pr person is -- this little blogger wasn't contacted either!

  7. Ooooh so pretty!  It makes me wish I still lived in Cville!!


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