Charlottesville Craigslist Alert!

Someone is moving and has some pretty sweet items up for sale on the local Craigslist. I'm assuming that the mention of a "graduation moving sale" in each listing means these are all coming from the same place. What's more, items from these companies don't come up on the little ol' Charlottesville Craigslist. I don't think there's been an item by Bernhardt on Craigslist since I sold my TV armoire a few years ago.


  1. Hello velvet chair! Can' I take you home with me??? I can't believe that beauty is only $50!  What a great find.  Thanks for visiting my blog and following. Good luck on the contest!  And I have to say, you have a BEAUTIFUL banner!!!

  2. Wow -- good finds!
    (too bad I'm not in the market for furniture...)
    By the way; have you checked out the new consignment store on Pantops?  They've taken over the old restaurant (one of those buffet places; can't remember the name).  I stopped in last weekend - some good stuff (mixed in of course with the not so good stuff!!)

  3. Only at UVA would a student have furniture like that!

  4. Whatttt?!  That's crazy! I need that velvet chair!

  5. omg. love the ghost chair sooooooooo much. one of my absolute favorites. that's an ah-mazing find!

    http://laurenlanzaosias.blogspot.comit's giveaway time with shabby apple...


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