Wedding Wednesday: Space for the stock pile

Up until Monday, there was one space that still sported the original, beige paint that the builders of my condo used in 2005. It was horribly depressing...remember?

Ugh. What were they thinking with brown on every surface? It was terrible. Is it any wonder they never hit full capacity here despite the amazing location?

The front hall closet was the last place that felt like a little, brown cave.

By now, you're wondering what a closet has to do with Wedding Wednesday. Between DIY projects and winning some things for the wedding, I already have a little pile of things that need to be tucked away for the next year. Being in a small place, I decided that I had to look up for more storage space.

First, I decided to paint the closet. I primed on Monday night (with primer leftover from other projects), then painted with my lovely Benjamin Moore Aura paint on Tuesday night (two coats...though I probably could have gotten away with one). Last night, I thought I'd spend about ten minute tossing up another shelf and be done with the project. I didn't remember how infuriatingly cheap Rubbermaid's closet systems are (the ones sold at Lowe's).

If you have a place with these dumb wire racks in the closets, you WILL destroy your walls if you remove them. If you live in a condo that was built fairly quickly, you WILL find that the installation of the shelves by the builder was less than perfect. After a few hours, I had the new shelf up. Oh, how I wish I lived near The Container Store and could install an Elfa system like Jane at The Borrowed Abode just did. Alas, it wasn't in the cards. This $30 job will have to work.

Now that I have a place to put things, I think the DIY projects are going to happen a little more quickly.


  1. First, I love that you painted your closet prior to filling it. :) 
    Second, when I saw your shelves in that photo I immediately had flashbacks to removing them from our closet walls.  Oh, the horror. 
    Third, I can't wait to see what projects you're doing for the wedding!

  2.  J~
    I too detest those awful wire things that builders love!!
    fortunately in my former home,I had complete control and say so!
    the builders liked my ideas for closets(wooden shelves)
    and now use  that idea in the custom homes they build..

  3. I feel your pain on those rubbermaid closet systems.  I also feel your pain on no Container Store nearby as I used to live in Maryland.  You may want to look into the Rubbermaid Homefree Series at Lowes and I've seen it online at Amazon.  It works just like Elfa with a top rail that screws in.  We're thinking about it for our master closet.  


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