Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

Back when I won Jorge Manuel's Upon a Star contest, I thought about whether I was comfortable with my wedding gown (and me in it) being fairly visible on the internet. It didn't take long for me to realize that blogging has made me pretty comfortable with sharing things that most people don't (my home, my closets, my frustrations, crafting failures, etc.). What's more, Marc doesn't read my blog. I don't think many of my colleagues read this at all. Most of my family doesn't read, either (Hugs to the few of you who do. Miss you!). Sharing the wedding planning adventure is what I set out to do originally when I started these Wedding Wednesday posts and it doesn't seem fair to omit the dress stuff. So here we go...

Last Friday, I took the day off to go to DC, partly to visit the DC Design House, but partly so I could fly down to Charleston to get my Jorge Manuel wedding gown at the beautiful Maddison Row bridal salon.

Image lifted from Maddison Row's website

Lindsey of Maddison Row, Wedding Row blogger Della, and photographer Paige Winn were at the salon when I arrived (late due to a flight delay) and after some yummy treats (and some of the best mimosas I've had in a while), we got down to business: trying on the dress.

For weeks, I'd been staring at the dress on a teeny, tiny mannequin and was afraid the dress wouldn't fit me. When we needed the clamps to keep in on, I was relieved. Most bridal designers haven't bought into vanity sizing, but I realized those dress clips have a similar effect on me.

A neat little side note: no one ever tried the dress on before. It had only been on a dress form.

Along with the dress, Jorge made a beautiful veil that has the most unique details at the edge...

Jorge even called while we were there so we could chat a little bit. It was a wonderful afternoon!

I could have stayed at the salon all day, it's such a beautiful space. Alas, the car showed up and Lindsey sent me off to the Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms for the night with all sorts of treats, including all the leftover food from Caviar and Bananas (isn't that a great name for a gourmet shop?) and cupcakes from Sugar Bakery.

Photo by Paige Winn

Photo by Paige Winn

I deliberately went a little light of photos of the dress in case a certain someone happens to look at the blog. If you want to see more, go to Della's blog, The Wedding Row or Jorge's blog.

As if winning this beautiful dress wasn't enough, I was so impressed to see that it was made in the US (many top designers have outsourced production to China). From Jorge's blog:

Jorge Manuel's Dress and Veil Fun Facts:

Dress took 6 talented seamstresses, 7 yards of taffeta and 21 hours to make. Each seamstress was responsible for an element within the dress:

-Artistic Ornamental Elements (Piping floral work)
-Finishing details

Gown was designed and created in the Designer's private studio in Miami, Florida.

The 'Star' gown was named after the contest's name. Each year a different name will be assigned to each contest gown.

The gown was squeezed into the designer's tight production schedule. The IRIS COLLECTION 2012 was being created at the time.

252 hopefuls submitted entries, 5 chosen as finalists, and 1 winner. Judges composed of 5 members:

-Jorge Manuel, Designer/President
-Annette Z. Garcia-Acosta, Vice President of Jorge Manuel, Inc.
-Kyle Leverett, Operations Manager for Jorge Manuel, Inc.
-Lindsey, Maddison Row Boutique Store Manager
-Elle, Maddison Row Boutique Store Manager
Pretty amazing, isn't it? What do you think of the dress?

BTW, I'll tell you all about the resort on Friday. Needless to say, it was pretty spectacular.


  1. you look gorgeous!!! congrats on such a beautiful dress!


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