A very surprising look into the home of John Bell

It's always interesting to see a star's home in a magazine or TV show. Most of the time, I'm in awe of the great home or fantastic decor that's revealed by these little visits with celebrities. Today, however, I'm a little stunned by the images from a Wall Street Journal article about Widespread Panic lead singer John Bell's home.

Most Widespread Panic followers remember talk about JB's wife opening a wellness center in Georgia. I didn't realize they were going to live in it. I also didn't realize that "wellness" didn't just mean yoga classes and organic food. Check this out...

The tour starts with an exterior shot of a little, white house. Ho hum, very nice.

The porch is cute, with painted floors.

Here we have JB and his wife, smiling for the camera. Very traditional...or transitional, really. Nothing really exciting here.

Here's a better shot of the room:

The article mentions that the living spaces don't look lived in at all, but this is a full time home. The couple has another, larger house about an hour away, but it says they only go there now and then. This is their primary residence.

Ah, a cute kitchen. They have a veggie garden in the back (tended to by JB himself) and they have cooking classes here sometimes.

Upstairs, there's a huge, open space for yoga classes. This is what I sort of expected when I heard the home was a wellness center.

Geode fans, do you see those rocks?!?

Another big ol' rock for the crystal fans...

Okay, so here's where things get interesting. First, a quote from Mrs. Bell...

Okay, energy room. What does that look like? Hold onto your hats, my friends.

There are 16 computers on shelves that run the perimeter of the room and zero gravity lawn chairs. JB spends an hour in here every day.

I'm not sure seeing this would "disarm" a fan. "Disillusioned" might be a better word.

Perhaps I'm biased because I spend 8-10 hours each day in front of two computer screens, but this does not seem in any way relaxing.



  1. Little cane, I feel so sorry for you that you hold such resentment 10 years after my friends pushed me away from you in my wheelchair leaving you on the rail. Let it go little cane, let it go...breathe...OMMMMM.

  2. BTW, amazing geodes can be found at Enter The Earth :)

  3. I really like that painted floor. The "energy" room is really weird ... Is it called that because having 16 computers set up like that uses a lot of energy??

  4. What the heck?  I am totally befuddled and at a loss for words.  Yep, nothing to say. So puzzled. 

  5. Don't knock it till you try it. 

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  7. Whatever JB does it works.

  8. Is that why you don't always use me?  Trips to the energy room? 

  9. Totally agree with Liz - that room is amazing! 

  10. No I don't use you because I'm too busy having A life. You must be joking posting this here, right?

  11. From a personal standpoint, you sound like a remarkable bitch with an odd face that gives insight into its owner.

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