Steal this idea (from the 2011 DC Design House)

I had a chance to visit the DC Design House last Friday. As usual, the event was fantastic and the rooms were beautifully done. There were some good stretches, but nothing outlandish. The word I kept hearing from people as I toured was "pretty."

There were lots of pretty rooms, but I was looking for new, creative ideas. Camille Saum's dining room had one that I thought could be adapted to work for almost anyone. Camille's room had a large radiator along one wall of windows. Instead of using a traditional radiator cover, Camille had a box built and then painted a bamboo runner to cover the radiators.

Room by Camille Saum

When I lived in Boston and had a place with radiators, I never imagined a cover could look so cool. I just looked up bamboo runners online and found a great looking one for $34. This is definitely an idea I'm going to tuck away for the future.


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