Moss covered letter tutorial, part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about how I made my moss covered letters to use in our wedding decor. Most of the letters I've seen in pictures have been hung from doors or chairs using thick, satin ribbon. The effect is beautiful.

While Marc's "M" would hang just fine, my "J" would not, because the hook makes it heavy on the left side. I thought about different ways to balance the letter out, but then I started thinking about doing something a bit different.

From the beginning, I've been drawn to two different styles when I've looked at real weddings on blogs. I love the romantic, traditional, and ethereal weddings, but I also love the more modern, non-traditional ones. I decided to figure out a way to merge the two and give a nod to my love of Lucite.

I bought two sheets of acrylic and cut them down to "frame" the letters. First, I had to score the acrylic by running a plastic cutting knife down a straight edge over and over again. I found a youtube video that made this look super easy, but it took me a while to carve a line into the plastic.

After the lines were scored, I had to give the sheet a karate chop to break the surplus off. I was cringing as I did this and it turned out perfectly! I was shocked. I then peeled the protective plastic coating off one side of the acrylic.

Then I tracked the outline of my letters with strips of paper. This would give me guild lines for the hot glue that I was using to affix the letters to the acrylic.

I glued the letters down and let them sit for a while. Then I used the protective plastic sheeting on the other side of the acrylic to "hang" then off my kitchen bar for a picture. I have to admit that I fully expected the letters to come off the acrylic, but they stayed put just fine for well over an hour!

Try to imagine these without plastic around the edges. :)

I'm going to drill two holes in each piece of acrylic so they can be hung, but I'm debating where I want them to go and how I want to hang them. I could hang them from shepherd's hooks somewhere outside (maybe where the guests will enter the venue from the parking lot?). Or, perhaps I'll turn traditional and hang them with ribbons from our chairs. What do you think?


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