Fun with fabric

Why did it take me so long to get into U-Fab, the fabric store that expanded to Charlottesville a while ago? Cville designers Ami Smith and Heather Picinich both had such positive things to say about the place that I had to peek in for a quick visit during lunch the other day. It rocks.

I was actually doing some early looking for fabric that will be part of a wedding related project. When presented with all of these wonderful options, my vision for the project changed dramatically.

That light aqua trellis fabric in the picture in the bottom right corner above? $25 per yard.

I realized that I needed to start taking pictures of the price tags because the deals were so good.

The pattern on the $19.99 fabric in the middle isn't printed on...that's velvet on linen.

Sarah Richardson would have fun at U-Fab

I'd say that the vast majority of fabrics were under $20 per yard.

They have trim, too!

I didn't buy a thing, but the staff was super nice and helpful. I'll be back. :)


  1.  Oh, I need a U Fab in Miami! Pronto!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE U-Fab!  I've been going to the Richmond location to get some fabrics for the dog beds I'm making.  The store is my heaven. Seriously, I can spend hours in there - and it's not even a big space :)

    In some cases (like with Waverly and Premier Prints) I found better prices at - but for everything else, U-Fab's prices take the cake.

  3. U-Fab has pretty good prices, but I agree with Jane about checking for better prices. The staff at U-Fab are so helpful, and they have a whole room full of designer fabric samples, which they will order on request.

  4. Sooo jealous! We don't have anything that wonderful here in Fredericksburg. I'll have to check out the Richmond location one of these days.

  5. Aimee @ the Functional SpaceAugust 5, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    I was also a late comer to the UFab here in Richmond but I've found so many wonderful things in there.  I also try to take pictures of the fabric with the pricing too!  

  6. Oh I drove by there the other day taking the dog to the vet and I so wanted to stop. But I resisted! No sewing projects allowed at the mo. So hard though... fabric is ADDICTING!!


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