Awesome MLS photo of the day

Today's awesome MLS photo comes from a listing with the very heady price of $420,000. It's quite pricey for a one bedroom condo in this town, but it's a unique space and the location is a positive for most people (if you like to sleep when the bars are closing, it might not be for you). It's also described as a loft with 1200 square feet, so that's a pretty big unit.

The view, though, is a little lacking.

Isn't it strange when agents have the picture of the home photoshopped onto the TV?


  1. I was so distracted by the track lighting I kept loosing count of how many walls this room has... my last count showed 17 but surely that's wrong.

  2. Is that plant photoshopped in too? Why do people photoshop listing pics like that, it's so odd...

  3. I always enjoy these posts-helps me see what crazy things people have going on behind closed doors!

  4. I hear you on the photoshopping! Our photographer took some creative liberty with the shots. Plants are real, TV shot's not.  My husband and I own this condo.  Lived in it for several years before we were married.  Despite the location, it's actually very quiet and sheltered from the noise on the Mall.  Has potential for amazing 400sf rooftop terrace with unobstructed western views for whoever cares to engage the project.  I'm a big fan of your blog!  Privileged to have made it on! 


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