On my way to Charleston

Have you been to Charleston, South Carolina?
I'm making my first visit this weekend and I can't wait!

I'll only be in town for the weekend, but I'm hoping to get a few hours to explore. Unfortunately, the office has been so busy that I haven't had much time to research the food and shopping situation, which I've heard is fantastic.

Can you give me some advice about where to go if I have some free time?
I'm sure you can imagine that home stores are of interest!


  1. I've been several times and enjoy it a lot. The tour of Ft. Sumpter is very interesting and the waterfront and town are very walkable. They have great barbecue which I know us not a favorite of yours. Sorry but I don't know and non-meat restaurants down there. Have fun! It's a very pretty city.

  2. I hope you'll get some time to explore! There are some really cute stores on king st. - home decor etc. You'll love just walking around. Food is so good there. Not sure what your time will allow. There are amazing fine dining spots but if you're looking for a super laid back atmosphere you might enjoy trying Smokey Oak Taproom on James Island.
    Thanks for your rec's on Boston we had a great time and went to B Good for a burger - GOOD call! So tasty!!
    Hope you have a good trip!!

  3. The food at Hominy Grill is indeed good! I also enjoyed the tours of historic homes - especially those that are "preserved" rather than restored.

  4. I've never been, but it looks so idyllic and wonderful. Perfect weekend trip!

  5. Ohhh you will love Charleston! I'll be there in 2 weekends myself! (CoC graduation)

    You must go to Husk Restaurant!

  6. I live in Charleston. You could just stay downtown and have a great time. A carriage ride is worth it because it gives you a nice piece of the history with an entertaining spin. Of course there is the market and King Street shopping is great for antiques, boutiques, and art. For food, there are so many great options. Hominy Grill, 82 Queen, and Magnolia's (they invented she-crab soup) are just a few. Do yourself a favor and do NOT go to Hyman's - they are not representative our good seafood in our area.

    If you head off the peninsula, you can go up Hwy 61 to visit the plantations (Drayton Hall, Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Plantation). Go the other way towards East Cooper (over the big bridge) and you go into Mt Pleasant, which has some great seafood restaurants on Shem Creek. Mt Pleasant leads you out to the beach - Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms. Feel free to contact me about any specific information on Charleston. Enjoy our fair city - we are consistently named the friendliest city in America!

  7. I feel so bad not responding sooner. You let me lurk in your life and I didn't give you fast suggestions for Charleston - my home! I don't know if you will be staying downtown or where, though I assume you are coming in relation to your work. So, downtown - do see the historic district - amazing! A carriage ride is always fun. For design shops - try the Upper King Street Design District between Calhoun and Line Street. Lots of fun shops. Antiques are on lower King, below Market Street. The art galleries are everywhere. Churches & Synagogues are beautiful. Restaurants - try Hank's for seafood. Galart & Malacet (Fast & French) is a favorite for lunch on Broad Street. Pane et Vino is loads of fun on Warren Street and the food is fab. This is a foodie paradise! Do see the College of Charleston - the first municipal college in the colonies. There is a fun Bagel Shop on George Street that does great sandwiches. Joseph's on Meeting Street is the perfect fast, fresh and delish lunch spot. If you have access to a car - the world is your oyster (and since this is the end of oyster season a stop at Bowen's Island is a lowcountry classic). Do you think I could go on and on . . . Enjoy, walk, go, see, look and soak it up!!!

  8. That's awesome that you get to go on this trip! And maybe be featured in Weddings Unveiled, right? Give us a full report when you get back!

    I've sadly never been to Charleston, even though I grew up in the Carolinas. But if I did go, I'd definitely go on one of the evening ghost tours. Charleston is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in the country! Not sure if that's up your alley but I'm really into those types of things. :)


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