Easter garland from Modern Parents Messy Kids

In some casual surfing last week, I came across a picture of an Easter egg garland made from paint sample cards. After some searching, I found the blog that originally posted the project, Modern Parents Messy Kids.

After downloading an egg template (how nice of them to provide that?), I made a cardboard stencil to help me mark off some "eggs" to cut. I usually pick my paint with a fan deck. I didn't realize paint sample cards had gotten so big! I'm starting to think of other projects for these things.

My bone folder (a new purchase for my recent crafting attempts) has a paper piercer in it. I don't know the craft application for that, but I used it to poke holes in my eggs. I used the string covered cans I made a while back to provide some cushioning for this.

I was a little nervous that my eggs were perfect ovals, but when you see the end result, you'll realize that it doesn't really matter too much.

Here's an "action shot" that Marc took of the paper piercing.

I bought some thin, hemp string at the craft store (90 cents with one of those coupons) and threaded the string through the holes punched in each egg.

After A LOT of cutting and threading, I had a garland that was large enough to string across the mirror over the living room sofa. I don't usually decorate for holidays (other than Christmas). In a condo, there isn't much room to store decorations and I'm not one to clutter surfaces with knick knacks. I think this is a cute way to decorate for Easter without fake grass and bunnies.

Do you decorate for every holiday?


  1. This would also be cute in just the pink colors and heart shapes for V-day!

  2. alison@MyLittleHappyPlaceAugust 5, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    Love it! I'm always amazed at the busy women who come up with these simple, (free) creative ideas. Most days, I'm doing good to remember whether my coffee takes one lump or two!
    Lovely blog design!

  3. Cool decorations for the easter Sunday! Your kids will surely enjoy it and be glad on what they have done.

  4. Great project! Wonder if Kurt would let me put one up. :)

  5. carrie @ brick city loveAugust 5, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    That's super cute!!


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