Design House Thursday (on a Friday)

I'm a day late with an update from the Charlottesville Design House. Forgive me!

Today, I thought I'd share pictures of the concept boards that the designers involved in the Design House have created. I didn't get to take pictures of them all, but I hope this gets you excited about seeing the house in May!

First up, I'm sharing Ami Smith's board because a) I love the colors, b) she's super nice, and c) she was the first designer to let me profile her.

She must have a Silhouette (or maybe Cricket?) machine...aren't those labels awesome?

Next is Heather Picinich's board. Heather took over a three season porch. I can't wait to see that sheer fabric in person!

Michelle Adams' board has some beautiful fabrics on it. I don't think we saw any ikat in the 2010 house and I'm glad there will be a little in this year's.

Victoria Pouncy had one of my favorite rooms in last year's house. I have a feeling she's going to turn the sunroom (which was covered in shutters) into a calm, relaxing escape.

Aren't Heidi Brooks' sketches great? Wouldn't it be sweet to frame them and leave them in the house?

Laurie Mandichak at The Artful Lodger is taking over the den...

Someone whose name I can't read has a beautiful board for a living room. If this is your board, please let me know so I can credit you property!

Marta Tice of Architectural Concepts & Interiors is taking over the kitchen in this year's house. The kitchen in last year's house was a joint team project that a few of the designers collaborated on at the last minute. It's pretty exciting to have someone doing a full redesign for the kitchen in this year's house.

Holly Joseph is new to the design house and I'm really excited about the beautiful colors and furniture on her board for the living room.

So...have I gotten you excited about the Charlottesville Design House?
Are you going to come and visit?


  1. Lavender & LiliesAugust 5, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    I wish I could come see it. I'd love to see the porch. That board looked incredible.

  2. I love seeing good ol fashioned design concept boards! Seems like so often now days everything is digitalized (Photo-shopped) and you don't get to see or feel the textures of the fabrics or other samples. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. The pretty design board that you didn't identify is Stedman House. There are several designers and they are doing the living room.


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