A crafting success at long last

The words "crafting" and "fail" seem to go hand in hand on my blog. Today, I report a victory! This wasn't really due to any particular skill on my part, but due to the excellent tutorial of Jenny Batt at Hank and Hunt, who happens to be one of the ladies behind The Sweetest Occasion.

A few months ago, Jenny posted a tutorial for making plaques out of clay. The application was for table numbers for a wedding. I tucked the project away via Pinterest and decided to try my hand at it at some point.

This weekend, I decided that I had to do something fun and for myself (after working most weekends for the last few months). I ran to Michael's and bought the supplies I needed to make some clay plaques.

The blue thing that looks like a press is a "Message in a Cookie" cookie cutter from Williams Sonoma. Three shapes come in the box, along with all kinds of words and letters that can be slid into the cookie cutter. I hope I'll use the set again.

I had a little trouble figuring out how Jenny got the letters on the plaques. She made reference to some Martha Stewart stamps, but I couldn't track anything that looked like her letters down. After staring at products in the stamp section of Michael's, I realized that there are far more options than the little, wood block stamps, that we used when we were kids. There are big, plastic stamps that can be temporarily fixed to acrylic blocks for this kind of project.

The polymer clay I bought was something like $2 for a little square. I decided to buy just one square to practice and use those 40% off Michael's coupons to slowly buy the rest of the clay I need.

Okay, step one was to roll out the clay and then use the cookie press to cut out the plaque.

Next, I stuck one of the plastic stamps to an acrylic block and pressed a number onto the plaque. How is this so easy?

The next step was to bake the clay to harden it. The nice thing about this clay is that it doesn't harden until exposed to heat, so you can start over if you aren't happy with your work.

On Sunday afternoon, we went by Michael's on our way to do grocery shopping so I could pick use the new 40% off coupon on my next pack of clay. This is when we realized that the brand of clay I used is on sale for 69 cents this week! Another brand is on sale for 99 cents. Pretty sweet! We scooped up all the clay I'd need for this project in one trip.

By the way, if you're interested in these, but don't want to make them yourself, Jenny sells them in her Etsy store.


  1. Found your blog through WeddingBee!
    I love that you feature design - we're just getting our first apartment this week, so I will be scouring your inspiration!

  2. Very nice! What a sweet idea!

  3. Nice job! I'm glad to see you're succeeding at crafting. I know it's been a long road for you! :)


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