Changes in "the gallery"

I bought a print from a local artist back in January and have been meaning to get it framed and hung for weeks. With my busy season behind me, I finally got around to getting it done.

I used an Ikea frame (ugh...I have a love/hate relationship with that place), but took it to the local frame shop, The Great Frame-up, to have a custom mat made. I think this is the key to making a cheap frame look more expensive. The guy at the frame store studied all of his whites carefully to pick the appropriate color while the paint dweeb in me beamed at him. The mat was cut in a few minutes and the man taught me how to mat a print properly. Apparently, my established method (scotch tape or fun tack) isn't appropriate. Maybe I'll show you all his technique at some point.

Anyway, I was hoping to bring a little color to this:

That's the hallway between living/dining areas and the bathroom and bedroom in my place. I had filled the wall with animal sketches I did, but thought it looked a little sad without any color.

I bought this painting from local artist William Van Doren, who has been painting sunsets as part of a project called Moment and Horizon for many years. Select prints are for sale and I initially thought it'd be cute to get one from the day Marc proposed, but I couldn't find it. Instead, I was drawn to Tuesday, October 20, 2009...a date that has no significance to us. I just liked the colors and the painting seemed happy, but serene to me.

I originally thought I'd put the print up and rehang my animal sketches around it, but started thinking that a little more variety might be nice. So I hung one sketch and the moss covered letters I made a week or so ago. This isn't a permanent arrangement, in light of how dusty the moss might eventually become.

In progress...

I thought it would be easy to fill in the wall from there, but I decided to let the wall be for a while and see how I feel about it before moving forward. So, as of last night, here's how it looked (crocked M and all):

I think I'm going to let the "gallery" grow organically. I'm not going to lay out pictures to plan this out. As something strikes me as interesting, I'll give it a spot on the wall.

If you have a gallery wall, did you plan it out and hang everything at once or did you hang a few things and let the rest get filled in over time?


  1. Your home is beautiful!! I was snooping through the tour page. I share the same love/hate relationship with ikea AND their frames, you do get what you pay for...custom framing can be soooo ridiculously expensive though (good idea with the mat).

    The painting will add a nice pop of color...I personally just plop things on the wall as i get them...somehow this usually seems to work.

    - nancy

  2. I tend to let a gallery wall fill over time.
    Not much of a planner, I guess!!
    --Love your new print!

  3. I do, I do! I have a gallery wall!

    I also used mostly Ikea frames, only because a project this big gets expensive real fast. I spent one night arranging the frames on the floor, then adding photos/prints to each frame. And when I hung them, I used a small ball of poster putty in the bottom corners of each frame to help keep them straight.

    I didn't have enough art/photos (or the proper sized art/photos) for everything, so I used scrapbook paper in several empty frames. Needed to get this project done in time for a Christmas party! However, a year and a half later, there are still frames with scrapbook paper in them. Whatever.

    We've also added on a few pieces - the wall is definitely large enough for the gallery to grow. And I've even swapped some of the scrapbook paper for photos or illustrations I've torn out of magazines, like this one of Cape Cod on the lower left side:

  4. Oh and another thing I'll frame - really nice postcards from our trips together. :)


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