Wedding Wednesday: Too many shoes

A few weeks ago, I found a beautiful pair of Butter shoes for a great price on the website of a shoe store in New Orleans. They were a final sale pair of shoes, but I was so certain that I liked them. Butter shoes, if you haven't heard of them, are super comfy, but beautiful and feminine shoes. Their bridal line, which is called Something Bleu and Bridal by Butter (not sure why they have two names), is being carried by Anthropoligie's new wedding brand, BHLDN.

When the shoes came, I loved them, but they were too big! I'm a pretty consistent size across most brands, but in Butter, I forgot that I usually order a half size smaller. Darn it. The shoes aren't returnable, so I guess I'll try to sell them online somewhere. If you're a size 9.5 and would like these shoes, feel free to email me. They're marked size 9, but they most definitely fit like a 9.5.

Discouraged, I abandoned the shoe hunt for a while and decided to make a few trips to bridal salons to try on wedding gowns. By shopping for shoes, I was putting the cart a bit far before the horse, don't you think?

I tried on some lovely dresses, wound up crossing a few designers off my list (the Priscilla of Boston of today is not the POB of old! Things have changed!), and found a few favorites (four favorites, to be exact).

While in Richmond last week, I decided to stop by that J. Crew Wedding Event. I wasn't really looking for anything. I was stunned that dresses that used to sell for over $1,000 were marked down to $200-300. All bridesmaids dresses were $30. All shoes were $10. Yes, J. Crew shoes were $10. Oh, on top of that, everything was 20% off for the final weekend of the sale.

I couldn't resist.

They were $8. They retailed for $238 when they were in the catalog. I'm still not 100% sold on them (I have a thing about toe cleavage), but I figure that $8 isn't much of a loss if they don't wind up working with my dress.

By the way, you have to check out the latest photos from our still-being-built venue, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. It's looking fantastic!


  1. Those J Crew shoes are cute! But I thought you wanted teal shoes??
    I finally found the ones I'm going with, they are red and so comfy! I got a different pair from the ones I posted about earlier....and they were just $32!!

  2. I'm a 9.5!
    not sure what I'd wear them with but theyre totally cute!

  3. Serena FockelmannAugust 5, 2013 at 3:27 PM

    Eight dollars for the shoes?! Where were these deals when I was looking for them? Thanks for posting this although now I have that guilty feeling of overspending. :)

    Florida Keys Wedding

  4. I love those J.Crew shoes----and for 8 bucks?!?! What an amazing find. How do you find out about the warehouse sales? Please update us when the next one comes around!!

  5. Hey, we are the same shoe size! :) I LOVE those J Crew shoes. And 8 dollars? Killer deal!!

  6. Those shoes are absolutely beautiful!! And for $8. WOW! What a find.

    So sad that not only do we not have a J.Crew wedding event here, we don't even have a J.Crew! The closest one to me is so teeny tiny it barely carries the regular J.Crew items, much less than bridal line. The hunt is still on and my wedding is about 6 weeks to go. Lol!

  7. Lavender & LiliesAugust 5, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    Ohhh I love the second ones. Love them!


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