Unconventional furniture shopping

I'm not in the market for any new furniture at this time, but like most of you, I can't resist thinking about what I'd do with an interesting piece when I come across it.

This weekend, I stopped into London's Apothecary, which has moved to a new location in Charlottesville and is closing their original store. London's carries almost every sort of lotion and potion you'd ever want from the bath, from the well known L'Occitane to the more obscure. I've never made a "quick" trip to the store because there are so many interest products on the shelves.

As I wanted around the soon-to-close store, I noticed that the fixture were for sale. Some were pretty impressive. It never dawned on me that store fixtures could be pretty enough to use at home.

That's a matching set, sitting back to back.

That piece is probably about 8 feet long!

There was even a beautiful, old looking sink looking for a new home.

That big, antique cash register was for sale, too.

Guess someone changed their mind about removing the faucet.

There were some modern, Ikea looking pieces, too. If I was in the market for Ikea furniture, I think I'd pay extra to have it already assembled!

Now I'm curious. Has anyone ever bought store fixtures before?


  1. Wow, some of these pieces are a bargain! I do hope the sale is still on. I will need that book shelf in my dream house.

  2. Is the sale still on? Our luxury home builders could look into this. I need that sink.

  3. I love the second bookcase. I guess you'd need 4 strong people and a huge truck to bring it home.

  4. Only for my store!!
    (I got some shelving from them the last time they moved!!)

  5. I actually picked up a ladder shelf from them for my bathroom, what do you know :) It's really cute! When I finish decorating the bathroom there'll be pictures...if I ever finish decorating my bathroom...

  6. I bought a wood coffee table from a coffee shop that was closing in my college town. This is going to sound disgusting, but there was gum all over the bottom of the table top! I had to do lots of scraping. I painted the whole thing with a design on the top. It ended up looking pretty nice for awhile!

  7. There was a high end gift shop approximately .75 miles from our condo in Natick that closed while we lived there. I bought a really nice Beanpod candle hutch from them for $150. It's mostly black with natural honey colored wooden shelves.

    We wheeled it home on a flat little rickety box cart that I borrowed from work, half the hutch at a time, through the snow covered streets and sidewalks. Brian had just traded in his truck for a sedan a few months prior and we didn't know anyone in the area to borrow a truck from. I still can't believe that not a single store employee or person driving down the road offered to stick the hutch in the back of their pick-up and drive it that .75 miles down the road for us. Typical snarky massholes. Hahaha.

    Since the day I bought it I've intended to repaint it antique white and "wall paper" the back inside wall of it. Still waiting for that energy...


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