A quick and easy project for the non-crafter

I've been itching for a project and seeing these linen wrapped vases on the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog had me thinking of a homemade version that would be a quick, simple weekend project.

I cleaned three medium aluminum cans and bought some hemp twine at the craft store. There were a few different kinds of twine at the store and I found the hemp had the right thickness and a texture I liked.

Using hot glue to secure the twine, I wrapped the cans. Each can took about 15 minutes to complete. My first can (below) wasn't my best. I didn't wrap the twine as tightly as I should. On the second and third cans, I let the rows overlap slightly.

The result is a simple, rustic little container for flowers. Yes, they just look like cans wrapped in twine, but I think they look pretty cute lined up with some cheerful flowers in them.

Project costs:
Aluminum cans - free
Twine - $3.80 (using a 40% off coupon at the craft store)
Flowers - $15 at Whole Foods


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