Wedding Wednesday: Scrapped

One of the first entries I made when I started these Wedding Wednesday posts was about my color scheme. I was in love with the idea of using teals and blues in my wedding decor and even wanted colored shoes.

Then I started seeing teal weddings everywhere. Teal was deemed to be one of the most popular colors for weddings in 2012. Colored shoes are downright common right now, too. At times, it seems as though most brides on the wedding blogs and message boards are wearing shoes that aren't white.

Remember just a few days ago when I wrote about trends? The comments seemed to show that I'm not alone in getting tired of something when it becomes trendy. Well, I'm starting to think that the teal needs to go.

This is where my favorite new website comes into play. I looked at the inspiration boards I created on Pinterest (here's a quick video tutorial I made about using Pinterest, if you're curious) and started seeing a theme. As I've been clipping images from around the web for the last few weeks, I haven't been clipping weddings full of teal.

I was pretty surprised. Perhaps these more neutral, classic palettes are more in line with my taste?

You can probably see were my interest in succulents and collecting some silver bowls came from!

I've always loved hydrangea, so it's no surprise that I've been clipping images that include the flower.

There's going to be a point where I have to just commit to a color scheme and go with it. I think I'd still like some of that peacock blue or teal incorporated in the wedding decor, but I think I'm going to go for a lot of neutral colors, too.

My shoe options just opened up a bit...this is going to be fun!


  1. I say go with the classy neutral - it's timeless! And Oh-So-Romantic. Congratulations on the nuptials!

  2. 1. Trendy or not go with what YOU want...otherwise you will look at photos and wonder if!
    2. I hate when things go trendy myself! I used Tiffany blue last year--ugh I'm one of them!--but I love and brown.
    3. You can NEVER go wrong with classic and neutral (esp. if you go colored shoes too)'s your wedding.
    4. SERIOUSLY have FUN!! Don't stress too much on the'll make yourself crazy ALL DAY. I know. I've been that girl. I was the not stress too much girl the second time and it made the day wonderful and perfect and I didn't leave feeling let down in the slightest!

  3. I added a touch of teal into my wedding by putting all the flower arrangements in vintage blue Ball mason jars. Luckily my parents stumbled across an elderly woman who sold them about 100 jars for $50! I'm a sucker for anything glass, so to combine it with my favorite color was a big win!

  4. I think neutrals give you so many options. Also, as Nicole posted- it's timeless. White, silver, and beige never get old or overused.

  5. Teal is awesome, though! As long as you really love it, you shouldn't scrap it just because a lot of people are using it. If that were the case, then it wouldn't be OK to have a white wedding dress either. :)

    I'm a bit partial though, because teal is my favorite color!

  6. The hardest thing about wedding planning for me was FINALLY picking out colors thinking they were different from what I had seen all over the magazines and internet and then realizing that EVERYONE was picking them too! I obvi had to get over it since I had already spent an arm and a leg on stuff, but it is really hard. I totally feel your pain about colors :)

  7. We got married in Charlottesville in 09 (King Family Vineyard) and I went with teal for the bridesmaid dresses as an early choice. Turns out, that was kind of limiting! However, I think it helped me realize that deep down I wanted everything else to be fairly neutral, especially the flowers. Here are some pics and have so much fun - there's nothing better than a central Virginia vineyard wedding! :)

  8. Loving the neutrals! (Strange because that teal is my favorite color.)
    Ivory/white/green is such a lovely combo!


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