Wedding Wednesday held over!

Here you go! Anthropologie's BHLDN bridesmaid dresses. The only one that really says "bridesmaid" to me is the pink on in the middle of the top image below. I think I'd wear the mustard yellow one to work.

The middle dress in the set below looks like it could be a wedding dress for a certain type of wedding.

I'm still loving the shoes. I really, really hope the shoes are going to be part of the line.

EDIT: I got confirmation from Butter Shoes that their bridal line, Something Bleu, is the line of shoes at BHLDN. FYI...they run large!

What do you think?

All images from the Glamour wedding blog. Did you know they had a wedding blog?


  1. Those dresses are a little kooky if you ask me!

  2. the third dress in the second picture (the beige one), where would you be able to purchase something like that?

  3. Loving it! Cup of Jo also has some really cute behind the scenes pics from a sneakpeak meet-up bhldn hosted::

  4. I really like the shoes too! Yeah, I'm not sure about using some of these as "bridesmaids" dresses...especially the first one, second row. Unless you were having some crazy-ornate 19th-century-style garden party wedding with parasols. And yeah, second one, second row, looks more like a vintage bridal gown. I think my favorite is the first one, first row...such a pretty print.

  5. These are all pretty. But...dare I say it, they don't say bridal to me at all. The lace gown (what I am assuming is a bridal gown) is sooo costume-y. I guess I was expecting something very different from the line?? Beautiful dresses, but very very trendy, no? What do you think?

  6. I think the pink dress could definitely be a bridesmaid's dress - and a cute one at that! Loveeeee your site!


  7. I love Anthropologie. I'm not crazy about those bubble skirts, though. I can't look at a J. Crew catalog without wishing that their bridal line had been in existence when I got married. My bridesmaids' dresses came from Talbots! Overly preppy, plaid taffeta skirts with black velvet bodices and I dictated pearl necklaces. (We got married between Thanksgiving and Christmas.)


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