Wedding Wednesday: Venue update

I haven't mentioned Pippin Hill, our wedding venue since I first wrote about the place last month. The pictures I shared then showed the roof going on the main part of the building. A lot has happened since!

From Pippin Hill's Facebook page, I believe these were taken by Jack Looney

The roof is complete on the Granary, the part of the building that will be used for weddings and events. The rows on the right side of the picture are where vines will be planted once the weather is a little nicer.

The concrete area perpendicular to the event space is where the cellar and tasting room will be. A lot of the area below the building will be terraced eventually. That's where our ceremony and cocktail hour will take place.

Here are some images taken on the ground...

Amazingly, in the time I've been writing this entry, new pictures have been posted on the Pippin Hill Facebook page! The floor of the tasting room looks almost complete and there are pictures taken from the second floor of the Granary.

A company called Geobarns is building this place. The founder, George Abetti, has been blogging throughout the project. His updates are interesting, often funny, and full of pictures.

This might sound silly, but signing on to this place before it even had a roof has me feeling pretty connected to it. I celebrate each new picture the Pippin Hill team posts on the blog. I get excited for a little news coverage when they get it.

I often hear the word "bride" attached to a bridal salon or a designer (as in, "she's a Kleinfeld bride" or "she's a Priscilla bride"). I always thought it was a little silly, but I actually felt special when someone called me a Pippin Hill bride the other day. There aren't too many of us at this point! I wonder if there are other women getting married at Pippin Hill who are following the developments as enthusiastically as I am.


  1. Lookin good! Must be really exciting to be one of the first brides in there.

  2. Geobarns built the Bundoran Farms' Baldwin Center -

  3. I am getting married at Pippin on June 18th and am following all of the updates as well. It is so great to see the photos that George posts and watch this place come to life. I decided to get married there when there were just tiki torches marking the area, but the view is so gorgeous and I know whatever Lynn and Dean do will be beautiful. Congratulations to you on your special day...enjoy!!

  4. MckinleychildressAugust 5, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    I as well am getting married in October and look daily to see if there are new pictures!! it's fun seeing the whole process from it's very beginning!!

  5. I too am getting married at Pippin Hill in October and daily check the blog for new pictures. It's going to be beautiful. It's so fun seeing the whole process from it's very beginning!!

  6. I am getting married at Pippin Hill in September! It's amazing that even though it is under construction, it doesn't feel like a "risk" with all the beautiful plans Lynn and Dean have shown us. I'm so excited to see the completed result! Also, so nice to hear from other Pippin Hill brides! I'd love to hear more about your wedding plans!


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