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I am not a regular thrift store shopper, but I was somehow drawn to the SPCA Rummage Sale store this weekend, on my way home from an errand. I've been looking for some silver bowls to be used as containers for a few succulents that I plan to buy in the spring. When I thought about the type of bowl I wanted, I decided than an old trophy might be the perfect shape and size.

There were shelves and bins full of old silver items. Most were tarnished, but not beyond rescue. I quickly dug up a Virginia cup by Camelot Pewter. It was $2, which was pretty good in light of the $30 price tag I found on Camelot Pewter's website.

I was pretty sure that was the only item I would find that day. However, while I was wandering around the "table boutique" section (this is where similar items are merchandised a little bit), I saw two identical bowls that were trophies from golf tournaments. The trophies were from 1978 and 1981, but the bowls were shiny and in great condition.

The large one was 8 inches across, marked $24, and the smaller one was 5 inches across, marked $8. I wasn't sure if those prices were good, but a quick call to my mother confirmed that they were marked pretty reasonably. I still wasn't sure, but at my mother's encouragement, I took them to the register.

I wasn't convinced that the prices were all that good, but when the cashier told me the trophies were both 50% off, I was much, much happier. As I wrote above, I'm not a thrift store shopper, but I read the blogs of women who are and they always seem to find things for a dollar or two. I wound up getting all three of my finds for $18, which I thought was pretty good.

When I got home, I googled the marks on the bottom of the trophies. I found the larger bowl selling for $148 and the smaller one selling for $76. Obviously, the engraving drops the value dramatically for some people, but I especially like that they were trophies that probably sat in someone's bookcase for a couple decades before coming home with me.

Tell me, thrift store shoppers, do you think I got a good deal?
Did you score anything interesting over the weekend?


  1. Those are some great finds! I am always on the look out for nice silver pieces.

  2. I love old trophies! I think you got a great deal. Next time I am in Cville I will have to find that thrift store!


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