Leftover Luxuries 2011

Short term consignment sales have become pretty popular around here. We have the Divine Consign (first covered by my friend Dana at Cville Fashion), the Lollipop Shop for children's items, and there's Leftover Luxuries. Leftover Luxuries features home items, with some women's clothing and accessories mixed in. When I first went to one of these sales last spring, there were some sale items from a few stores in town as well.

Here's a look at some of the items I saw at this year's sale. I'm happy to report that Sharon Manering at Quince told me that a portion of the proceeds from the sale are being donated to the SPCA!

The accessories selection seemed bigger than in the past. I didn't check prices on these.

I wanted to do some merchandising...these pillows would have looked cute lined up on a three seat sofa.

I could see one of these on a gallery wall. I think they were being sold as a set.

I think this was going for $165.
The chairs on either side (which you can see in the cow print picture) were $250 for the pair.

There was a huge rack full of beautiful dresses for little girls.

These must have come from a store. That navy dress with the orange trim is perfect for a little Wahoo (those are University of Virginia's colors, for those reading from afar).

I sort of liked this funky light fixture.
It wouldn't work in my place, but it could be cool in a more eclectic home.

Not my color, but those chairs look so comfy, don't they?

Since I've been doing a little collecting of silver lately and because my mother has a bit, I found this item especially interesting. The price surprised me, though.

This light weight tea set (maybe "tea duo" is more appropriate?) was marked sterling and was going for $700 (in my head, I thought it was $200, but the tag is pretty clear in the picture). I thought that price was a bit optimistic for a consignment sale. There are a few vendors who specialize in sterling in the area who have shops within one of the nicer antique malls and I've seen some gorgeous, expensive pieces in their cases, but they usually feel pretty substantial. What do you think?

I thought these mirrors were the best things at the sale. I'd be surprised if someone didn't snap them up!

If you want to check out the sale, Leftover Luxuries is open from 10 AM until 6 PM this week and is located in the Seminole Square Shopping Center (where MacGregor Antiques used to be). If you went to the J. Crew Warehouse Sale, you know the space.


  1. Love the purses! From the tag, looks like they are either $150 or $250. A bit steep for consignment, but I guess it depends on the brand.

  2. Thanks for sharing your nice site........


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