How do you feel about trends?

I was chatting with Charlottesville interior designer Ami Smith yesterday and we got to talking a little bit about trends. I started thinking about how the design blog world has affected my willingness to embrace trends, but also caused me to feel the need to drop them as soon as they go mainstream.

I'm not saying I redecorate often. I try to be pretty careful with my condo since I want to sell it one day. But I do spend a bit of time collecting inspiration pictures and what I collect has changed as styles have gone mainstream.

From Restoration Hardware's website

A couple years ago, a lot of blogs were showing natural woods, grayed out fabrics, and accessories like pillows made out of vintage grain sacks. When Restoration Hardware picked up on the look, I decided it was over. When Pottery Barn went in the same direction, I actually started to dislike it. Is it still aesthetically pleasing? Of course. There's something about the idea of everyone adopting a look, though, that has me looking for something else to get excited about.

From Pottery Barn's website

What do you think of design trends? Are there some you've adopted that you've dropped? Are there some you liked and never let go of?

I have to admit that this is creeping into my wedding plans. I thought my shoe idea was cool and charming, but now that it seems as though everyone has colored shoes, I'm not so fixated on it anymore.

While I was writing this, I couldn't help but think about the "That's over!" skit from Portlandia.


  1. I try not to follow but admit sometimes fall victim to the trend madness. I blame blogs they play a big roll and influence on us which can sometimes be good or bad depending how you look at it. A while back I bought the spots premiere fabric and upholstered some benches in it. And I was like cool something no one has and then the fabric started popping up everywhere. Now I kinda hate them. I like original one of a kind crap. which is why I try and buy vintage most of the time. It's not personal anymore and now all the pretty sh*t I like and want everyone else does. poop.

  2. There's a fine line to walk between rocking a trend and staying true to your own style, all the while steering clear of looking like everyone else. I don't follow trends in decor as much, but definitely consider them when it comes to fashion. I see a lot of trends out there that were cool at first, but now have just become overkill as everyone and her sister is wearing them...on a daily basis. Take, for instance, tall boots over leggings. It's such a chic look, but unfortunately you now see it on everyone. I've grown pretty sick of it and cannot wait until spring relieves us of those.

    Since this is a decor blog, though, let me get back to that subject. As much as I love antlers and horns, I have to agree with another commenter that this has quickly become overdone.

  3. I'm usually pretty late to notice trends. If it weren't for the blog world, I would seriously be decorating my house with the 80s crafty shiz that I grew up with (sorry Mom- it was cool at the time). Since in real life, I know very few people who actually put a lot of energy into decorating their houses and developing a style, I have no problem jumping on a trend bandwagon. I only see it on the internet, and since my friends don't read design blogs, they only see it at my house! Haha. As for the bright wedding shoes- yes, those are super popular. But that's one trend that I just don't care about- I still love the idea. I'm excited to see how your wedding palate evolves!


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