Thursday, February 17, 2011

Design House Thursday: We have designers!

The big update from Charlottesville Design House land is that we have designers! Happily, more designers than expected showed interest in being involved in the Design House this year. Designers were able to tour the house last week and request a room to make over.

Over the new few weeks, I hope to profile each designer who is involved and show you some pictures of their past work. Charlottesville photographer Chris D. Scott is helping me in this project. Chris is a pretty amazing photographer and his work with interiors is fantastic. I'm pretty stoked to be working with him! Chris is also a social media type (here's his blog, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumbler pages) and he's taught me a think or two in the last few weeks.

By the way the Charlottesville Design House is also looking for volunteers! If you're in the Cville area and would be interested in working at the house, please let me know in the comments. I'll pass your name along to the volunteer coordinator. I spent about 20 hours in the house as a volunteer last year, greeting guests and answering their questions. It was a lot of fun and I'll be doing it again this year. The volunteer shifts will fit any schedule (weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon, or early evening).
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  1. I live in Rockbridge County but would be interested in being a volunteer. 540-348-1041.

  2. I can volunteer this year. Should be interesting.

  3. I would interested in being a volunteer.

  4. I might like to volunteer a few hours as well! Should be beautiful. 847-702-5959


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