Wedding Wednesday: Flowers and more trends

A few weeks ago, I saw a bouquet on the Snippets and Ink wedding blog that I absolutely adored. I saw it credited to Holly Chapple, so off to google I went. I was delighted to see that Holly was in Virginia, but she is about 3 hours away in Leesburg. Still, I was inspired and continued to be as I flipped through her blog. The floral eye candy there is abundant!

Photo from Holly Chapple's blog

After staring at that picture and others I pinned to my floral board at Pinterest (more on that later), I realized that I was so attracted to: the use of succulents, berries, kale, and other non-floral greens in bouquets.

I did some reading on the wedding blogs and realized that using succulents in wedding flowers has become a bit of a trend. Or maybe it was a bit of a trend because The Wedding Chicks actually joked that they were "still" interested in succulents recently.

At first, I was a little sad. The color I think I'd like to use in our wedding is definitely trendy. Colored shoes, on which I've been a bit fixated, is trendy. Now, succulents are trendy. Am I picking things that are going to be horribly dated in a few months or years?

Perhaps I don't care.

Succulents make me happy. Bright colors make me happy. Pretty shoes make me happy.

Okay, now a bit about Pinterest. Nicole Cohen wrote about it on her Sketch42 blog after the Lavish Conference. I joined then and have gotten hooked. When you join Pinterest, you'll drag a link to your internet browser menu bar. When you see someone online that you like, you'll hit the pin link and a frame will pop up showing you all the images on the current screen. You pick the one you want to pin and assign it to a pin board. Your images are hosted on Pinterest, but you will always have the link back to the original page where you found them.

This tool is perfect for bloggers. It's also great if you tend to "star" a few too many items in your blog reader. I've starred items over the past two years, but don't see those posts very often. What's more, if I look at a post I've starred, I have no idea if I liked all of the imagines or just one. With Pinterest, you pin what you want and can add descriptions and tags to remind you of what you liked or wanted to do with the image.

Just like most other media sites, there's a social function on Pinterest. You can connect with other users and see what's inspiring them right now. If you see something on another person's board that you like, you can "repin" the image to one of your boards or just hit a "like" button to refer to it later.

I've been using Pinterest to track inspirational wedding pictures and I love it! Check out my boards and post your email address if you'd like me to invite you to join. You can join without an invite, but there's some sort of waiting period involved.


  1. I don't know a wedding picture that doesn't look dated as time goes on so please don't worry about that. Pick what you like and what makes you feel happy, pretty and good for your wedding day. Styles change and that's just the way it is.

    I was on such a tight budget that I did my own flowers (something I would NOT recommend). One of my sisters was able to get the flowers at a wholesale price and I spent the day before wiring hundreds if roses and hoping I wasn't going to have a blister on my finger because if it. I was tired and a bit stressed.

  2. Fun!

    Would you please send me an invite to join? Do you have my email? (It's also on my Fb profile.) Thank you.

  3. Dear Jeannine,
    As a grad student in botany in Cville, I enjoyed looking at pictures of the bouquets you posted. I had a thought about the succulents that you might consider: I am not under the impression that succulents preserve/dry very well. They sort of get mushy and gross. So if you're looking to dry your flowers to save them, then succulents might not be the way to go!

  4. I'd love to join Pinterest! I wasn not pleased with polyvore and have been looking for another "image saving" tool.

    Wow, I LOVE the flowers mixed with succulents!
    Who cares if it's trendy in a few years or not? It's your big day, and if you love it when it happens, I say that's what matters. :)

  5. Thanks, all! AEB, this may sound strange, but I really dislike dried flowers. There is no way I'll be preserving my bouquet. The photography will be my keepsake!

    Pinterest ladies, invites are on the way!

  6. So pretty! I love all of the bouquets! I say do what you love. I did bouquets in hydrangeas, peonies, vibernum, and those little pink berries, framed by magnolia leaves...LOVED them.

    I do a similar thing as Pinterest using Evernote. It saves the link and allows me to tag or write notes. It doesn't have a social media aspect but I suppose that saves me from running down even more rabbit trails, ha!

    Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

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  8. Then great - screw the dried flowers! I think that succulents look great in the bouquets!

  9. I gave up really fast on pinterest cause I was lazy Ima give it a try again.

    Also for my wedding I bought white roses from Safeway and had my mom put a pretty ribbon around them they looked fancy and way more expensive looking for the$7. It was a fast "oh crap we forgot the bouquet just stop at the grocery store and buy some flowers" moment.

  10. I love the colors in the last bouquet!! I'd love an invite to Pinterest if you have any available.
    Thanks, Emie

  11. Hi Jeannine! I found your site by googling my business name (I'm Laura Christin)! And I'm glad a few photos I took inspired you! The florist, Cherry Blossom Floral Designs, told me that the neat thing about succulent bouquets is that you can re-plant the succulents after the wedding which I thought was very cool! I'd love to check out Pinterest, too. My email is Looking forward to following your blog!


  12. I'd love an invite if you still have one!
    Your blog is lovely!

  13. Love, love, love all the flowers! Garden roses (cabbage roses to many) used in the bouquet above are a favorite with brides. Our favorite, too!

  14. Jeannine - I would love an invite to pinterest. 

    I just found your blog as I was searching for pictures of weddings at Pippin Hill....and wow!  You have amazing taste & I look forward to continuing to read.  When is your wedding date?  We just got engaged in July & am hoping to get married next spring (we've been together for 6 years now).  Originally we were looking at Turks & Caicos, but certainly have concerns about having our family have to pay for a trip, so I started looking at wineries in the area (I actually live in Urbana, MD).  I found Pippin Hill and fell in love.  Have you seen the pictures on the Holland Arts blog of Sara & Matt's wedding?  I'm in love!  Anyway....look forward to reading on and getting inspired.  :)


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