Update at Walker Square

Way back in 2009, I shared pictures of an empty condo in my little neighborhood. It was a sad, little cave with a lot of potential. I'm almost glad I moved here after only seeing pictures on the internet because I'm not sure I would have been impressed by beige or brown being on every surface. Just painting the ceilings white would have gone a long way.

After I lived here for a year or so, the community was converted to a condo community and I bought my unit. The first projects I did involved paint. The difference was pretty amazing. When sales slowed, I started to wonder why the owners here didn't work on the model units a little bit. From what I understand, the place had changed hands a few times and the current owner finally decided to update those models.

I went in to check them out last week and took a few pictures. Check out this slide show...

If you're seeing this in Google Reader, you might have to click through to see the show.

I thought a few of the details were great. The felt flowers on the poufs and pillows were so cute. I'm not sure that they were going for cute, but cute it was.

In addition to the felt pillows, there were a few silk ones and some with pretty neat buckles.

Model unit beds are often neutral, upholstered and transitional. This one was a little different. I'm not saying I want it in my home, but I thought it was a nice departure from the norm.

I loved the little sheep on an impossibly narrow side table. Are these narrow pieces made just for models? No one would really put one of these in their home, right?

A few more...

The little swan diving dudes on that wall are a little different, aren't they?

We'll see if the new staging brings in new buyers.
This is a great location, but goodness knows there are lots of condos on the market!


  1. Having lived in some odd and small spaces, I kind of like the uber-narrow table on the wall. But I do think that had to be custom made - I've never seen such a thing in a store.

    I like the look of your place better than these models!!

  2. I don't know why but I'm loving the sheep that keeping popping up.

  3. Condo looks fantastic and I love the silk pillows!! Where did you get them?

  4. The Real Estate ListAugust 5, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    Hi Jeannine!

    Would you mind putting a link in to Walker Square's homepage?

    Thanks :)


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