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Between Design House posts on Thursdays, wedding posts on Wednesdays, and this being the busy season at work, there hasn't been too much design talk on this blog in the last couple weeks.

Something has been bothering me at my place. The east wall in my living room is the longest wall in my home. I have one, large Restoration Hardware mirror hanging over the sofa on that wall. The rest is bare.

Usually, I take pictures like this so you don't really see the entire expanse:

There's a lot of open space, though.

I have thought about putting some art up, but Olivia the sheep is on the wall over the char in the foreground of that photo. Olivia is the main event. She's the star of the room.

I thought about some wall mounted lamps to go on either side of the mirror...something like this:

Photo from V for the Home

I first saw that sconce at V for the Home over in Richmond, but our very own Shade Shop has one, too.

Another thought was that I needed something off the wall. I've always loved the Arco floor lamp,but it's too tall for my place (oh yeah, and it's $2,700). Z Gallerie makes a smaller, less modern version that I liked for a while:

Lately, I've been thinking that something as small as a shelf or thin, linen covered bulletin board over the desk might be nice. I'm not sure, though. I don't really like to have post-its and other things you'd tack on a bulletin board on display in the living room. Those sorts of things seem to be more kitchen or office related.

What do you think? I'm going to aim to get this figured out over the weekend and I really would love some input!


  1. Would only add that perhaps more lighting, lamps or sconces (are they an option?) I am a huge lamp person, gives the space such a happy and warm glow. Other than that, great job!
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  2. I love the colors in your place! I think I've made a comment before, but I just love that blue glass pendant lamp.

    I fell in love with the Arco lamp, too after seeing the real deal on The Divinitus's blog. It's way out of my budget and I think a little overpowering for my smaller space. I did find an alternative at Home Depot for a tiny tiny fraction of the price.... I made a post about it here.

  3. It looks like you could use some additional lighting there but I wouldn't hang it on the wall. I like the floor lamp idea. In any case, the room looks very pretty. Don't be in a hurry - the right thing will "speak" to you at some point along the way.

  4. What about a grouping of some pretty black and white pictures in frames no bigger than 5" X 7"? Or a couple of small framed prints with a pop of color? They would add a bit more, but not take away from Olivia.

  5. How about something like this:

    You could even do a shelf that has a little more space that would allow you to display other items in addition to pictures and artwork.

    I like the lamp idea too!

  6. Is it not OK to have some open space on the walls, though? I dunno, just wouldn't want the whole wall getting cluttered. I think the mirror looks nice and clean. You already have the cool pattern on the curtains, so I don't think the walls need much more.

  7. Thanks for mentioning the lamp at The Shade Shop! FYI - It (and all of our lighting) is 30% off right now. Just sayin'.

  8. How about a taller lamp with a large shade on the desk? I agree that much else would tend to be too much next to the curtains.

  9. I like the idea of using it as two separate spaces, living room and desk area; so I would treat them as such. I would either leave the mirror as is, or move it to the left (as Kekaylor mentioned) and then do something above the desk. I agree with you that doing a bulletin board, with flyers and such is more meant for a designated office space or a kitchen, so I like the idea of either a few smaller paintings clustered. Or this new idea I came across this weekend, while house searching: (which is my new favorite way to find new and different inspirations!) It was a painted stick, about 1 1/2 feet long, skinny stick, painted orange, and mounted on a plain white piece of canvas, and then they "framed" the canvas by painting the wall with about 2 inches of "frame" all around. In your case, you could paint the wall "frame" white, paint the canvas black, and pick a fun pop of color for the stick?

  10. I've got a suggestion, and of course, take it or leave it - your place looks fabulous as is anyhow. I see that you have a desk in the far corner of the room; your living room is very uniform and balanced and you have a great color scheme going on. What if you threw this off just a little by not hanging the mirror perfectly centered over the couch, move it to the left a little (if you're facing the couch), and put up two white wall mounted shelves over the desk (I snagged 2 from Ikea that are fabulous and very budget friendly). Hang these slightly higher over the desk and for the space between your desk and the first shelf, create a little wall gallery of black and white photos to go along with your motif. Or, which is what I have done in my own "office space", create an inspiration board (favorite interiors, articles, pictures, etc. - anything that gives you inspiration for the blog you write). On the shelves, add little pops of color with a yellow vase, perhaps a Jonathan Adler piece (like the banana vase - one of my favorites), a plant, etc. This creates a nice focal point and an inspiration place for you to work!

  11. I love the mirror. Gotta have it.

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  12. yay on the light nay on stuff on the wall, it might be too much. I always think less is more let it breathe. Nice color scheme though.


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