Shoe Fairy

I have a shoe fairy. Ellen, from the blog exit, pursued by bear, ended the mystery of the shoes I adore. They're from J. Crew and they were sold a few years ago. The style, Martine, is tweaked and sold each year, but I have a feeling this wonderful color is long gone.

Ellen also dangled another option. They're called Dorian and they're by Brian Atwood (isn't that Nate's partner?). Those are also a couple years old. I only found one, black pair on ebay.

The search continues...


  1. I love being a shoe fairy :o)

    I know you'll find the perfect pair! I'll keep my eye out for you. Is it weird if I ask what size shoe you wear? LOL

  2. I too am on the hunt for the perfect shoes, only in a bright sunshine yellow. The dyeables I've seen so far have only offered muted drab yellows, so my eyes are peeled. I'll let you know if I see any blue ones for you!

  3. That JCrew pair is HEAVEN. I hope you find them!!

  4. I, too, am searching for the perfect wedding shoes. It looks like we have searching for a very similar color. These were the shoes I wanted:

    but unfortunately, this particular shade was sold at least a couple years back.

    The search continues! I think instead of one of my wedding colors, I might just go with bright red which is much easier to find.

  5. Jeannine, just saw your comment on my post (which there was "reply" function on Blogspot!) and that's something I was thinking of, too. I'ved tried on this particular Manolo and the fit is perfect but I can't imagine dying a $800 pair of shoes! I might try it on a cheaper pair with similar material and if all goes well, bite the bullet and do it on the real thing.


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