Monday, January 31, 2011

Put a Bird on It!

When I visit Portland, I often think that it's sort of like Charlottesville's big sister. So, when I saw this video about a new show called Portlandia, I could imagine what was coming.
"Do you remember the 90s, when people were talking about getting piercings and tribal tattoos; people were singing about saving the planet and forming bands? There's a place where that still exists as a reality and I've been there."

"Remember when people were content to be unambitious, sleep til 11, just hang out with their friends, and they had no occupations whatsoever, maybe working a couple hours a week at a coffee shop?
Okay, just as this doesn't describe everyone in Portland, it doesn't describe everyone in Charlottesville. But...there's a little truth in it.

Then came the video "Put a Bird on It" which I first saw on Design Sponge, but have watched a few times since.

When I walked into O'Suzannah, a gift shop in downtown Charlottesville, on Saturday, I couldn't help but snap just a couple pictures to show how "Put a Bird on It" is alive and well in Charlottesville.

I shop in this store all the time and have always loved how many cute animals you can find there. I bought my Jonathan Adler squirrel sculpture there. I buy cute presents for my nephews there. Everything is so cute!

Only after watching "Put a Bird on It" did I notice how ubiquitous the bird has gotten on accessories.

Which has me wondering what things are looking like at the New York International Gift Fair this week. The gift show is where buyers for stores go to see what's new and interesting in decorative accessories and stationary. Charlottesville jewelry designer Lolly Smith is there showing her line called Laurel Denise (by the way, check out these pictures of her booth from last year...isn't that amazing?). I can't wait to read the recaps from the bloggers who are at the fair.

What do you think? Are the birds here to stay or are they on the way out?
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  1. Um, I'm seeing birds everywhere now. Everytime I do I hear the Portlandia theme song in my head...

  2. I loved Portlandia! I'll admit I liked the birds in the beginning, but I never quite got around to "putting it on" anything. @Borrowedabode, I do have a "Keep Calm' framed in my kitchen. And @Kerry: I used to have a denim fisherman hat with an attached faux sunflower. OH gosh.

  3. We are crying with laughter over here! As Portlanders living (trapped, perhaps) in Charlottesville, that show could not be funnier (and yes, very accurate :)) Hilarious!

  4. I wonder if birds will end up like sunflowers in the early '90s. They started out on a few lovely Provencal things, I blinked and they were on dish towels in Walmart.

  5. That video rocks. Yeah, I think they've become too ubiquitous. Just like owls. And white dishes. And the Keep Calm phrase. I liked the idea, until it got overdone.

    Oh, and the sunflowers that Kerry mentions? I had forgotten, but that was a really tiring trend!

  6. "I'm Allergic. I'm Allergic" BWAHAHAHA! I am totally watching that show. Not so much into the bird. Unless I'm giving one.

  7. Ha!! That is hilarious!! I'll have to check out this show. Great spoof! So true!!

  8. Juliet | Urban NestAugust 5, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Hilarious! I hadn't seen that before. AND, I adore O'Suzannah!

  9. Having spent enough time in Portland I can say I'm not sure that even qualifies as a spoof. Dead on. I'd add hedgehogs to your list of "things currently often found on other things" sure you saw plenty of those in Suzannah's as well. But we love her, she has a good eye and I cannot resist a brief tour in her shop when I'm downtown. For the record, however, I'm neither tired of birds nor hedgehogs so......still okay with that trend.

  10. ahahahahaha "I'm putting a bird on a bird" Funny s**t. I'm over them, I gave mine to my sister they scream dorm room to me. I also rid my house of owls. I say they are out been seeing them pop up at Goodwill's.

  11. The obsession with birds has me perplexed. I'm not even sure why I like them so much. Yes, I too am guilty of "putting a bird on it." See logo at It was an amateur photography portfolio I put together a couple years ago. If this was a couple years ago (and was around before that), I guess the trend has had some staying power. And if it fades, it'll come back. Owls were really popular in the 60s and 70s and now you see how they've flooded the accessories market.

  12. I was there TODAY! Stupid me had forgotten about O'Suzannah after my daughter grew up.
    NOW I shop for me THERE, I love O'Suzannah! Best part after (kidding) buying sparkley silver journals & hoops earrings (they are perfect) was catching up on tricks with the lovely owner, wink!

  13. dunno, but Wendy Morgan, the artist of the cards with the yellow warblers, has been doing birds for 20 years or more:

  14. I love this sketch! And this show - have we seen the "feminist book store" sketch? It's even better than this one, if that's possible. And yes, O'Suzannah does have a lot of cute animal merch, but I still love it and admittedly own decorative pieces with birds on them haha.


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