A problem outside Maison Small & Chic

A couple times per year, some group of people drops off stacks and stacks of phone books at my condo complex. The plastic around the books is rarely broken. They are totally ignored. Add in a few newspapers intended for some graduate student who is out of town for the holidays and we have this:

Now, this is not directly outside my place. Goodness knows I'd haul that junk to the recycling center if it was. This is next to our clubhouse. The clubhouse is where prospective buyers go to talk to the agents who sell units here. That's not good.

I figured I'd do my part and opt out of the phone books a few years ago, but the stacks of books are just dumped, not distributed individually. I decided to opt out again just for the heck of it. The problem is that the phone book companies have privacy policies on their opt out forms that basically say they're going to send you more junk mail.

We may share personal information...with other businesses with which we partner or which we carefully select to offer you products, services, and promotions through our Site.

Dex (I think that's Sprint, right? How many times have they changed the name?):
We may share your personally identifiable information with other companies in the Dex One family, business partners and network partners...

So, get rid of one kind of junk mail and you open yourself up for another sort. Awesome!

Treehugger.com did a short piece about the environmental impact of the annual (biannual for some of us) phone book delivery. It's kind of sad.


  1. I've tried opting out but the phonebooks still end up on my front porch. This year, I got lucky and was returning from a run when the guy delivering them showed up. I asked him not to give me any, so he did not.

    I also have a stack of old phonebooks to drop off at the recycling center, but at least we have that option, right?

  2. You can go to this website to opt out of most major junk mail. I did it, and it seems to have worked pretty well! I still get some junk mail, but not nearly as much.


  3. That is sad. I always think that I should keep a phone book around, you know, "just in case", but I really need to face the fact that I have not opened one in probably 3 years. Looks like it's time to opt out.


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