A mini project

I was feeling a little down about the lack of projects in my place in the last few weeks. I decided to just know one thing off my to do list last night as I was making dinner.

After I had my counter tops done in November, many of you suggested that I paint the phone outlet that's on the wall in the kitchen. I haven't had a land line in over five years, but didn't want to totally get rid of the outlet in case a future buyer would want one.

I grabbed a can of paint and quickly took care of that. It was such a silly, little thing to do, but I think you all were right...it looks much better!

Still trying to get the settings right on the camera. :(

Now I have to take care of the area along the counters.


  1. Looks good! A little paint can make a big difference sometimes.

  2. That's very considerate of you not to remove the land line. We bought our Coop and did not even think to check for a land line. We soon found out that it was missing and it cost over $100 to install.

  3. Hope your hand is healing quickly. I am always amazed at your energy level. If you run out of projects you would be most welcome to come over here - I have quite a few in need of attention. Have a good day.
    Those new tea towels good great.

  4. Oooh! I like the change. Perhaps a tiny bit of art like a special plate, if it is not too in the way would make it disappear forever.

  5. looks great, it's amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room! nice job!!

    BTW, i left something for you over on my blog:


    ~ PLD


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