What are the best colors for a boy's nursery?

There are babies sprouting up all over right now, it seems. At least three people in my life are pregnant! I never, ever thought I'd be talking about nurseries on this blog, but here I am, about to discuss the merits of different colors for baby rooms.

Last night, a group of friends got to talking about the best colors for the nursery being decorated by one couple. They're having a boy and decided to paint the walls of the nursery "Oxford Blue."

Picture from Colorcharts.org

The question of the right accent color came up and we were in distinct camps on this. One group, the majority, seemed to want a soothing compliment to the blue. A yellow-y green seemed to be their pick for an accent.

The other camp, comprised of me, wanted something with a little more pep. I thought a pretty, berry red would provide some energy and contrast for the baby blue.

I didn't pour over my fan decks to find those colors, so I'm not saying these are true recommendations. They're in the ball park.

I thought I'd throw some inspiration pictures together to show the different color combinations in action.

From, some blue and green rooms...

Now, some blue and red rooms...

Finally, a picture that combines all three colors.

Which do you like best? After gathering those images, I decided that I like the first and last pictures a lot. I guess I changed my mind a little bit!

Have you heard statements about certain colors being better than others for nurseries? I know I've read that yellow makes babies cry, but I grew up in a yellow nursery and I'm told I was a pretty happy baby, so it's hard for me to lean on those sayings too much.

I put this post together using Pinterest for the first time. The nursery photos were all hosted there for now and I w as hoping they'll stay up. Alas, that didn't work for long and I moved the images over to my usual hosting spot soon after.


  1. I will have to vote for the red/berry accents. (though I agree that the first and last images are really nice) Even the first image has a little red in it. I like that it's all set off with the white paneling. I think that's what makes it in that pic. A little bit of red is a nice counterpoint to everything else being so cool.

  2. I'm not sure if I like the red and blue rooms, but the blues and greens are perfect together.

  3. I've been a nanny/doula for baby boys in a blue and red room, which had a nautical theme; it was cute! I like combining blue with black (or navy, or gray) and white for a crisp (but clean and soothing) look!


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