Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

Instead of doing the usual on Black Friday, Marc had to go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for some business at a brewery there called Weeping Radish. I decided to go along for the ride since I had never been to the area before. I wondered if we'd be issued an OBX sticker at a toll booth at some point...those stickers are almost ubiquitous here.

It started off as a pretty overcast day, so my pictures from Weeping Radish aren't too bright.

I was delighted to see that they own goats! While Marc did his thing, I spend some quality time with the cuties outside.

When I ventured inside, I found a huge tasting room and restaurant. The staff said there had been a general store on the property for decades and they built around the old building's facade. The bar was placed on the front porch of the general store.

They found all sorts of paperwork in the attic of the store. There were orders for pants that cost $3.50 and dates from the turn of the century. The tasting room's counter's had a lot of the documents under glass.

After Marc finished up at the brewery, we headed into Duck to visit a dog store we had heard about. Baxter enjoyed himself, got too many treats, and we left with a few things we hadn't seen before. The owner recommended that we have fish tacos at a place called "The Rundown Cafe." The name had me a little nervous, but the food was great and we got to sit on a deck above the place (with Baxter) and watch the ocean. At one point, we saw a pod of dolphins swimming by...which I thought was the highlight of the day.

When we were done, we saw that there was a fish food vending machine at the exit. We spent a little while feeding the koi in the big pond in front of the restaurant. I kept saying what a great day it was since we had all of these great animal encounters.

Marc had the idea to get onto the beach so we could take pictures of Baxter for our Christmas card. It took us a while to find a spot since most (all) of the OBX beaches are for residents or renters. There was no [legal] parking on the street where we were. We decided to chance it and pulled over on a small street, across from a home that was for sale. I figured it was good cover...if anyone approached, we could fib about looking at the house. Not that anyone was going to be on the beach on Black Friday. It was totally quiet except for a fisherman and a guy doing some work on a house nearby.

I'm a bit of a rule follower, so I was getting pretty nervous about the car after a little while. Now I realize why Marc kept trying to get me to go down to the sand. The bottom of the wood steps that went over the dunes as as far as he could get me.

I'm not going to go into too much detail, but after he put the ring on my finger, we decided to take some pictures using the timer on my camera. So, here's an out of focus shot taken with the camera perched on a step. I had to hit the button, then scurry down the stairs time and again and this was the best of the lot.

Thank you, residents of Sandpiper Lane for letting us borrow your beach for a little while.

I had thought that I was making my one and only trip to OBX that day because Marc's mother lives right on the beach, much closer to home. Now, I think we have a reason to return to the Outer Banks and do a little more exploring.


  1. Yay! I love OBX - such a fun story and I'm SO excited for you!

  2. Congrats!! And how fun!!! Yay! We are all so Happy for you!!

  3. What a sweet story! I love Duck, that's usually where my family stays every summer. I hadn't heard of the Rundown Cafe before. I can't wait to give it a try. Congratulations!

  4. Fun story! We have been to the Rundown Cafe, but prefer it's sister restaurant, Tortuga's Lie (beach road, MP 11-ish). A good bar/restaurant frequented by the locals. For your next visit! OBX is a great place to have a reason to visit.

  5. Aw congrats again! Great story!

  6. Love the story -- thanks for telling it.
    Have you set a date? :)

  7. Weeping Radish - I remember that place! Fun beer, for sure. It's a cute story - Marc must have been a bit frustrated when you were reluctant to go on the beach. :) Congrats again!

  8. Ah, how did I miss this- what a great story!! He is very romantic!! Congrats again and I cant wait to hear all the upcoming details about the big day!

  9. Congrats!

    I just found your blog, and I'm having a great time reading through it. I can't wait to catch up!

    OBX is also special to us (I wish we could spend more time there!). Actually, the Weeping Radish is owned by the parents of one of our good friends from college!

  10. Congrats! I would completely be freaking out about the parking situation too, you are not alone :)


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