Shelter magazines of the 1950s

On Christmas Eve, Marc's mother pulled out some issues of Better Homes & Gardens, American Home, and Ladies Home Journal from the 1950s that she had found in her late aunt's attic.

The interiors were great...

What a dreamy kitchen, huh?

Great space planning

The ads were hilarious...

That's a toilet paper ad

Eames chairs...for $25!

There were even some lovely craft projects...

There were some riveting articles, too.

The women in the family supported Eisenhower and the men supported Stevenson.

There were a few fashion pieces...

It's the debutant of the month!

This article was about a woman who went from 130 pounds to 160 pounds after having a 160 pounds, she was a size 18. Makes you realize how bad vanity sizing has gotten, huh?


  1. I love old shelter mags! I have a small collection of Ladies Home Journals from the 1940's.

    There's an awful lot of meat in that "book shelf" freezer.

  2. I love these! I wonder what people will think of our magazines in 50 years.

  3. WOW! I'll have to search my dad's basement. He is known to keep random magazines and such.
    I agree with Sara -- I wonder what people will think of our magazines (and blogs!) in 50 years!

  4. I love old magazines too! I have some bound volumes of House Beautiful from the 40s and McCalls from the 1920s that I bought from my college library years ago. They are so much fun to flip through.

  5. Very neat. I just started watching Mad Men over the holidays and it's wonderful. Just finished season one with Don Draper working on Kodak's's so neat to see how products were born and have evolved.

    And yeah, that IS a lotta red meat!


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