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I'm not the most sentimental person. I have no problem purging my home of things, which might be why I am so fascinated by the people on Hoarders, who don't seem to separate people and memories from things. Anyway, I look forward to purging. I love the feeling of dropping something (or a bag of somethings) off at Goodwill or the SPCA Rummage Store. But there's one thing of which I can't let go.

This, my friends, is Jemima Puddle Duck. As a child, I was a big fan of those little Beatrix Potter books and The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck was my very favorite one. My mother bought me the little figurine of Jemima when I got my first cavity and gave it to me when I got home from the dentist (these sorts of gifts weren't common, but I was terrified of the dentist). She sat on the dresser in my childhood room for years, even while I was in college.

I took her with me at some point, probably in graduate school when I pretty much moved out of my parents' house. She's made every move with me ever since (that's a lot of moving...I moved about seven times between 1999 and 2005). She hasn't been on display in years and she doesn't fit in with my style at all, but I haven't been able to pass her on to anyone else.

Am I alone here? Is anyone else holding onto something for sentimental reasons?


  1. I hold on to quite a lot for sentimental reasons. I tend to rotate my special things in and out both seasonally and as I start to want to mix things up a bit. Jemima would look great in a little springtime vignette.

  2. Not at all, I have a perfume box I got from someone special in my life at the time that even though the relationship is no more I could never let go off, I painted the box and it sits by my nightstand to hold random things. I'm not suggesting you paint it just keep. Not sure if you plan on kids some day but to me that would look perfect in a nursery. Why let go of something that means so much.

  3. I def hold onto things for sentiment's sake =) a gaudy ring that reminds me of my grandma here, a really old stocking that reminds me of my mommy... stuff like that. I can't let them go and hope I never will =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. When a gift is given with love it is worth treasuring. I have many like that from wedding presents that were given to my parents to a very special battery-operated lighted "rose" given by my nephew Chris as a little boy. Whenever I see it I think of the sentiment involved and smile again.
    Your mother will be happy to hear you value that sweet duck. It's always so nice to hear after the fact that a gift was so appreciated.

  5. Jemima is adorable - don't let go of her!! I have a house full of sentimental stuff - I've inherited a lot of fabulous furniture from various relatives, and am thankful it all works in my home - reupholstering, painting, whatever, has made those pieces fresh and yet they still honor the memories attached. I, too, am fascinated by Hoarders....what a complicated, toxic pathology - and so difficult to treat. I've been in homes as a design consultant and have seen borderline hoarding - very disturbing, and I don't like to be around all that clutter!
    Anyway, hang on to dear Jemima!

  6. As much as I am NOT a stuff person, now that both parents and one of two sisters have departed I find myself hanging on to more than one box full of a quirky little assortment of things I cannot bear to part with. They include my mother's big Pyrex measuring cup (which I remember mixing gallons of jello in), a scarf my sister knitted my mother than can't actually be placed around the neck, an envelope with childhood lunch money still in it that my father drew a cartoon on, a small bottle marked "toejam" that I purchased in high school and for some unknown reason still tickles me pink. I think it's important to hold on to things that evoke a positive emotional memory. Many people have a hard time making a distinction though.

  7. Jemima is adorable... and she could totally fit in to your decor. Put her on a side table for the holidays (maybe lose the little ribbon though.. or put on a new holiday one).

    Definitely hold onto her though.. In years to come you'll be happy you did.



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