I'd like more ice, please

Canadian blogger Terri, who writes Wind Lost, posts some fantastic entries about art. The photos she has taken of art in her home are beautiful. She has great taste!

When Terri wrote about Amber Alexander, an artist who recently caught her eye on Etsy, I had to take a look. Amber's work is charming! She has some sweet prints (and cards) of rabbits, birds, and owls that made me smile. But when I got this this guy, I laughed out loud.

Image from Amber's Etsy store...go check it out!

Laughing is the reaction that I usually have when I see art that winds up in my home. Olivia, the sheep hanging in my living room, had me giggling almost immediately when I saw her at the DC Design House about two years ago. I knew I'd be buying the polar bear.

The painting is called I'd like more ice, please (and I don't think that's supposed to make you laugh...it's a statement, isn't it?). The original is long gone (of course), but prints are only $18. I think I purchased the print within a few moments of seeing it. It showed up yesterday...

I propped it up in the bathroom to photograph, but I think it's going in the hallway.



  1. yes -- he is great!

  2. :)
    Hi Jeannine:)I believe he'll fit right in at your home:) Thanks!

  3. Yes! Love him. Will have to check her out too.

  4. Gorgeous Jeannine and thanks for the mention and nice things you said!! I love him too and the title takes the cake. He will be very happy in his new home. I love her stuff. It is a little more whimsical than my usual style but it always makes me smile - I have bought two pieces from her and one for my Mom (nuthatch) for Christmas!

    xo Terri


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