Holiday Homes Tour

Charlottesville blogger Jen on the Edge organized a holiday homes tour for her readers and I thought I'd share the latest from Maison Small & Chic.

My living room is too narrow for me to take this shot standing up and as a result, my ornament wreath looks a little chintzy. That thing has over 60 ornaments on it (I had to add more than I used last year) and took me hours to put together last year. I took all the ornaments off to store it and Marc's face fell when he saw that I had to put it back together again. By the way, check out that white balancing! I did it! I like it!

I almost tied a ribbon around my little Jonathan Alder squirrel, but figured the faux animal pelt was enough for the desk area.

Here's the full view of the living room, taken from the bar that separates it from the kitchen.

I hung huge snowflakes on the lamps on either side of the television...

...and the little horse got a ribbon around his neck.

Olivia has to peek through the light-up pussy willow branches I got at Quince.

Marc wanted everyone to see his contribution.

Really, though, Marc did the entire tree because he is very particular about ornament placement. He tried to do the outside lights, but half of them were broken and I took them down. Then, we decided to get a little light-up deer at the Home Depot. After a couple of nights of using it, we realized there was a short in the lights and it was probably a fire hazard. What a total bust. What's more, I can't find my Command strips to hang my wreaths on my outside windows, so they are sitting in a pile on the patio. Operation Christmas Fail is in effect outside.

Oh! I almost forgot! With the tips I got to fiddle with the white balance on my camera, I finally got a shot in the bedroom with the correct color. Unfortunately, I now have to fiddle with the shutter speed to get a really good picture. Here's one to tide you over until I get that done.

I think I need to take a class. I think I need to figure out when I have time to take a class first.


  1. Soooo pretty! I giggle at the horse every time... lol

  2. Your house looks beautiful! And Olivia is adorable peering through the branches...

  3. What a lovely home you have. The decorations are the perfect holiday touch. I love the lighted branches.

  4. Jeannine:
    I cracked up at the line "I white balanced".
    That's the first time I've heard it used as a verb, but it works.
    And yes, you definitely did balance for the yellow tungsten light for the indoors. You can really tell on pic 2 & 3, where the exterior light comes in a brilliant blue. I like it. Gives the interior warmth in contrast to a cool (read freezing cold) exterior.

  5. What a beautiful home! I love the lighted branches...I bought some this year, too, and they are my favorite. I might need to get a few more before the season is over!

  6. Gorgeous. It's so dramatic, but in a simple way.

  7. It's all just so perfect for your condo -- so elegant and beautiful.

  8. Ditto Jen on the Edge. Elegant and beautiful.

  9. Your living room in gorgeous! Olivia is such a great piece and I love her frame.

  10. Your house is just as gorgeous as I remember (though where's my dog's twin?) from the HOMEstyle article on ya'll!! Your home is decorated beautifully for the holiday!

  11. Simple, classy, classic. Love.

  12. Amazing. I love your style. And if it makes you feel better, I also totally failed on our outdoor decor this year. *shrug* There's always next year!

  13. hahahha Marcs contribution something my hubby would do. I agree with everyone who says its so elegant and classy!


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