Holiday decorating, Part 1

I'm splitting up my holiday decorating posts into three parts. With 785 square feet, that shouldn't really be necessary, but between my busy season at work and the bizarre affliction that has come over me since getting engaged which prevents me from concentrating on one thing for more than 20 minutes without thinking about date setting and venues and dresses (oh my!), I haven't really gotten my place fully decorated. So please, come back tomorrow and Thursday for more.

I unpacked my four strands of lights with baited breath until I was triumphantly able to declare victory. Apparently, I was able to resist balling the lights up and shoving them into their boxes last year. I carefully rolled them, folded them once, and slipped them into their boxes. What a relief.

After I laid them out on the floor, I realized that I have three different styles of lights: two "traditional" sets, one set with nubby, little bulbs, and one set of little crystal-like globes. I really like the globe ones, but I am promising to have restraint. I won't replace the traditional lights until they break. Even if I see the globes on sale for 75% off on December 26th.

Baxter is always totally confused when the tree arrives and wanders around with his ears folded against his head, trying to figure out if he should investigate or retreat. The folded ears thing happens when he's either deliriously happy and relaxed or worried. Eyebrow placement usually clues us in to which way he feeling (and the amount of kisses we get).

I slipped these antlers on him for just a moment...a moment he clearly felt was akin to torture.

Here's our in-progress tree. Amazingly, I am not allowed to put any ornaments on it. Marc is adamant that each ornament must have the ability to hang freely. In past years, he has moved ornaments I've placed almost immediately.

Please remember that the bottom 1/3 of the tree must be wag-safe. No precious ornaments can be down there in case Baxter comes and swishes the tree with his tail. I'm keeping it real here, people.

I haven't put any beads or ribbons on the tree yet. I'm still deciding what I want to do about that. I usually drape a few strands of silver beads around the tree and then top it off with a few, large pieces of light blue, gauzy ribbon. Maybe I'll try to get that done tonight.

Come on back tomorrow for more...


  1. It's beautiful! So funny about Marc and the moving of ornaments -- I am a fanatic about that too. (I secretly move the ones my kids place and always remind them about letting the ornaments "hang"!!)

  2. Yet, Marc is not anywhere near as meticulous about the outdoor light situation. I have a bunch of those huge, light orbs and they've always looked pretty neat on the tree outside. I lost 3 or 4 last year and now only have 3. He put them up. I saw someone walk by and laugh at the pathetic display and the mess of cords that were strangling the poor tree. I had to take them down.

  3. I'm a sucker for a good animal shot =) soooooooooooooo sooooooooo cute! <3


  4. Jeannine, this is a wonderful story , about your tree, Marc, and Baxter! beautiful tree in progress!

    Do come and enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena

  5. Guilty of moving ornaments my kid places hahaha! Baxter is the most photogenic dog I've ever seen can't say the same for Mr. Timmy.

  6. I'm confused -- what do you mean by ornaments having "the ability to hang freely?"

    Baxter looks very cute, even when woebegone.

  7. Pretty! I too have been struggling with keeping the lower part of the tree dog-proofed. I am waiting for one of my glass ball ornaments to be crunched like a tennis ball.

  8. Lovely and funny (Baxter, Marc!). LOVE the abstract photo of your lights. I just shove mine in the box and then you can't get the top closed. I wish they made oversized boxes for people like me. At least this year I labelled my various boxes with important contents...

    xo Terri

  9. baxter's adorable in the antlers! pam

  10. Looks terrific. I especially love that first image of the white lights on the floor! And of course, Baxter is always adorable. My Golden girl is sporting the cone of shame this week but we got good news from the vet today and Katy will be ready for reindeer games next week!

  11. Your tree is gorgeous! Your place always looks like a high end magazine!


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