Finding the perfect Hermes orange

Chelsey over at Fourth and Folded has a project in the works. I don't know whether I heard about this via Twitter or her blog, Classically Modern Nest, but she's painting a bookcase and wants the inside to be orange. The orange she wanted: the color of an Hermes box.

Now, had she actually wanted to use Hermes boxes, you all know I wouldn't have been interested in the project. But who can argue with using such a cheerful color in a bookcase? Chelsey was hoping to find a suitable color from Benjamin Moore and being the paint nerd that I am and having a soft spot for Bostonians (having lived there myself for a while), I jumped at the chance to narrow down the options.

Chelsey had read that Racing Orange was a likely candidate. When I put the strip on which is appears next to an Hermes box, I didn't think it was quite right. I thought the colors above it, Orange Parrot and Oriole, were better matches.

I moved to a different part of the Color Preview deck and found another strip with a few contenders. Electric Orange looked like the winner in this picture.

What do you think? What's your favorite on the strips below?


  1. oooh! electric orange for sure!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Electric orange, by these pictures. But I think I like Oriole the best!

  3. Again, thank you SO much for your help! I'm coming to you with all my color questions :)
    I'm off work next week so hopefully there will be awesome results soon!

  4. I would try a computer match at the paint store using the box.

  5. That's the catch, Anon. She doesn't have a box.

    I think we found some good candidates here. :)

  6. I wonder if there is a Pantone color for Hermes. We are painting the bathroom Tiffany Box Blue and found that there is a Pantone color for that although it's trademarked. But we were able to find a swatch and match it from that. Maybe there is one for Hermes?

  7. hermes orange boxes sometimes show up on ebay

    john in nc

  8. +1 for Pantone, rgb, or Hex. Now I'm itching to know if that's the same orange as vueve Cliquot!


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