Christmas recap, part 1

I have a slew of photos to share from our Christmas, but thought I'd start with the end of our trip to the beach.

On Christmas night, the news reports were calling for 3-6 inches of snow for the beach areas of Virginia. Marc's mother lives on a point in the northern area of that region and we weren't sure she'd get walloped the way the rest of the area would.

When we woke up on Sunday morning, the weather guy on TV said "if you have to get out, go now" because the forecast had changed and they were expecting almost 10 inches. That sprung us into action. We packed up the car, threw on some clothes, and got in the car. That area doesn't even have the equipment to plow all the streets. The neighborhood streets were white, but passable as we left.

I had checked the traffic cameras on I-64 before we left (there are dozens along the route we'd be taking), so I know the roads had cars on them and that there were lanes for travel. We drove pretty slowly, despite having four wheel drive, but realized that we were still traveling faster than we normally do heading home in beach traffic during the summer.

Most of the cars around us where other four wheel drive vehicles. There was one Mazda Miata and one Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper's Minnesota license plate made me wonder if the driver thought we were pansies for being worried about this storm.

By the time we hit Williamsburg, roads improved quite a bit and when we got to Richmond, there was only some snow on the grass. The roads were just a little wet.

We stopped for groceries when we got back into town and laughed when we realized that our car looked pretty rough compared to the others in the lot.

I hope you're staying safe and warm if you're getting snow!


  1. We got 13" in Central Park but it looks like more on my patio and I'll put some pictures on photo bucket later today. Your home town logged in at 17.5" - hope your Mom gets some help shoveling. It's very beautiful (easily said by someone who gas a doorman to shovel for her). Glad you got home safely and enjoy today indoors.

  2. Glad you made it home safely! My mom had to postpone her visit until tomorrow.

  3. We got hit a bit in Delaware.
    I just have to say - I can't believe the Minnesota driver didn't clean the snow off his roof. It's a pet peeve of mine - so dangerous if it flies at you on the road.

  4. I had T drive me the 1 hour + to work in Richmond on the 26th based on the snow in Williamsburg...whoops! It really wasn't bad up there (compared to Norfolk and Williamsburg). Oh well, it was nice to have the company!


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