Breaking News: You will like Honeysuckle Pink soon

The folks at Pantone have announced that our next color obsession will be "Honeysuckle Pink."

On the Pantone website, you can see that companies are already hopping on board.

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What do you think? The design blogsphere is all a twitter about the announcement and I'm sure more posts will come in the next couple days and bloggers scour the net for appropriate inspiration pictures.

I think I'm going to stick with turquoise blue, Pantone's pick for 2010. I could see pink as an accent, but can't see the average design enthusiast incorporating this pink into their lives in a huge way.


  1. accent only for me! yikes! I dont mind a hint of it but I will not be painting my walls pink =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. There is no chance that I'll decorate with this color, wear it, or even accessorize with it. I don't like pink anyway, but this is a shade of pink that I really cannot get behind.

  3. I love it - but I've loved pink for years now. But it's tough to decorate with, except as an accent. My new office is becoming pink and silver, so maybe I was psychic?

  4. I have to agree with Jen on the Edge, I won't be using this color for any reason. I like pink for a little girls room and maybe light pink for a shirt now and again but this color nope I won't be using it esp for home decor, if I had a daughter perhaps I'd use this color as an accent, that would be the only time I'd use it though.

  5. I LOVE pink, so I could get behind it. Honestly, who decorates in all turquoise blue, anyway? MOST people would use any Pantone Color of the Year as an accent surrounded by neutrals. Although, that thought get me wondering if the color of the year affects which neutrals come to the "forefront" because they work better with the color than other neutrals. The author of The Well Dressed Home writes that she likes to use pink as a base for many of her rooms. It's probably why I like her book so much.

  6. I love it as an accent color. Mr. FC's clinically color blind when it comes to pinks & reds...wonder if I can work this to my advantage.

  7. Also, would you mind if I ask your honest advice/opinion on your carrara marble shower? Is the upkeep horrendous? Do you really have to squeegee after every shower as everyone on my google search is saying? I meant to email you this but can't seem to find your email, sorry! Your shower has been my inspiration for our basement bathroom for months now. =]

  8. Well, I definitely won't be decorating with it (especially since Kurt's moving in - don't think he'll appreciate that)! I may add a splash of it to my wardrobe, somehow...

  9. My response when I saw Pantone's announcement was, "Seriously?" Seems like everyone is still all about the soothing neutrals..."honeysuckle" is a nice color but I'm not about to go redecorate the whole house in it. :)


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