Work in progress

EEK! I can't wait!


  1. SWOOOOON! I'm excited too! I can't wait to do this in my own kitchen!

  2. Sweet action! It's going to look perfect in there.

  3. Wow, exciting developments!!

    I loved your post from yesterday. While I am fairly handy, I suffer from the affliction of being the "competent one". This means I do all the banking, investing, computer repair, photography, Christmas shopping, taking care of my mother (which car to buy, which table to buy, which moulding to install). I do a lot of programming at work, so I am always the computer expert (not) that everyone calls. I have to figure out their cameras, their PVR's, their income tax forms. I research things and choose which furnace we will buy, which roofer to hire, which financial advisor to work with. I know. I take care of it all it seems. David does shovel and care for the lawn and cooks a lot, so I am thankful. But I always say I take care of all the THINKING in the house. Oh, vacation planning too.

    Sometimes I wish I were one of those kept wives who only has to worry about which yoga class to attend and what to wear. But honestly, would we be happy that way???

    Loved that post. xox Terri

  4. You know about getting a certificate of capital improvement for your tax records when you sell? Only mention it as a neighbor (with a finance background) did a 500k renovation and did not know about it.


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