What do you want to know about me?

A couple weeks ago, I finally added tabs to the top of my blog. If you see the blog via a reader, you wouldn't know this, which is why I mention it.

The tabs I used were Home, About Me, House Tour, Source Lists, and Shop Tours. I haven't really gotten around to doing much with them at this point. The House Tour has some photos from around my place, but I know I need to update them since I took some newer photos recently. Last night, I considered tackling the About Me page, but I was at a loss. I know I can put the basics about who I am and what kind of home I have, but what else do people want to see there? Should I throw in some random stuff about how I like black and white cookies or should I be serious and talk about when I'm from and where I went to school?

If you have an About Me page on your blog, what does it say?


  1. When I read other people's "About Me" tabs, I really like seeing a mixture of biographical and quirky. It helps me get a more complete picture of who the person is. Since this is a design blog, I'd also be interested in hearing about how you got interested in this, your earliest project (redecorating your bedroom when you were in 2nd grade?), and/or your design influences.

  2. A added an About Me page yesterday too. I struggled with what to say, typing, erasing, typing. I ended up with just a little more detail about the interests already listed on my page as well as some background about where I grew up and how I got to where I am. I'm still tweaking, but it's coming.
    When I read About Me pages, I like to ready the quirky stuff just as much as the serious. I think it help to relate to the person, to feel that they are real, just like you, they have funny habits, they walk around in the world and have just as much bad vs. good in their life as anyone else.

  3. I'm iffy about sharing really personal information with people especially strangers now in days you have to be careful what you put on the web so in my profile I kept it short and goofy and didn't give out too much about myself.

  4. This is totally unrelated to this post. I read your blog pretty much daily but don't comment or subscribe (I know..that's bad in blog world , right?). However, I always get a kick out of your posts about photoshopped real estate postings. While this is different because there is (supposed to be) full disclosure, I thought you might find this at least interesting if you have not already seen it: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/31/realestate/31posting.html

  5. Well, for a design-themed blog, I think people like to know the stuff that Jen mentioned. But regular readers also get curious about the personality traits, general geographic locations, and little quirky things of the bloggers we follow. I'd say throw in a little of both. A while back for my 100th post I did one of those cheesy "100 things about me" posts. Maybe I'll link to that from my About page so people who are REALLY curious can check it out.

  6. I have a virtually empty one on my blog. I have a hard time writing about myself. I can't imagine anyone being interested enough to read it!

  7. I am sad that you re-designed your blog. (Well I think the re-design is the cause) It takes so long to load now and there is always a little explanation point at the bottom of my screen saying erro on page. I miss your posts.

  8. my exact text:

    "i enjoy coffee, sunshine, moonshine, great shoes, bed-head, people, dirty language, clean skin, early morning, late at night, deja vù, nostalgia, leaves on the trees, tan skin, freckles, traveling, i want to go everywhere there is to go, i want to experience everything there is to experience, i never want there to be a dull moment, i never want to stop learning."

    a little me, with a nod to ee cummings.

    I think as long as it represents you anything goes :)


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