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I don't have much to share, design wise, today. I thought I'd tell you about our weekend in Washington, DC just for fun.

We went up to DC for Night of the Living Zoo, an event at the National Zoo that Marc has ties to. When we were trying to make hotel reservations at one of the pet-friendly Kimpton Hotels, we couldn't find any rooms. Why this was the case later became apparent. We wound up staying at the Washington Hilton just north of Dupont Circle. When I saw it, I realized I had stayed there before...for Georgetown Model UN when I was in high school. Obviously, the place has changed a bit.

Before the main act at the zoo, we were treated to a performance by DC's all-women batala drum group. They were amazing...and I bet they get a ton of new members every time they perform.

After the drummers, we got to see Grace Potter and the Nocturals. Their costumes were adorable...and looked far more comfortable and warm than the costumes in the crowd. I found myself wishing I had a giraffe pajama suit like Grace.

From Grace Potter's Twitter page

The reason we had trouble getting a hotel room was the massive crowds that were in town for the John Stewart and Steven Colbert rallies on the Mall. We decided to walk down just to see what the scene was like. At noon on the dot, the music started (I always like artists/performers that start on time) and we sat under a tree between the Smithsonian Castle and the Washington Monument to watch. We were far enough away that the public address system wouldn't bother Baxter and there were a few other dogs in the area. Within half and hour, the crowd was almost back to our location. We heard on the news that organizers planned for about 60,000 to attend, but there wound up being about 215,000 people there.

The mood of the rally was fun. Most of the signs were clever or humorous. No one was really protesting anything. Some of the best signs we saw: "This sign has a point", "Vote No on Yes", "This is a sign", and "I like turtles"...there were plenty more.

We only stayed for a little while. As we were leaving, we fought throngs of people streaming into the Mall and when we got back to the hotel, the media coverage showed that the crowd was almost back to the Washington Monument...that's quite a distance!

On Saturday night, Marc took me to dinner at the Mandarin Oriental's restaurant, CityZen. I can't say enough about this place...we had a six course tasting menu and it was fantastic. I was so impressed with the vegetarian menu. I actually think most courses were better on my menu than on Marc's!

From MandarinOriental.com

We slept like rocks after that amazing meal. On Sunday morning, we had a simple breakfast at the Firehook Bakery. When we came out of the bakery, we saw the Dupont Circle farmer's market was set up and immediately knew that we had to get empanadas. Panas Empanadas are so good that we remembered having them a few years ago at the farmer's market.

We had a great time, but in the end, it was great to get in the car to head home to Charlottesville. One problem: the Marine Corps Marathon blocked a bunch of the routes we usually take out of town. It took us 35 minutes just to get from Dupont Circle to Arlington, which is just across the river. That should have taken about 5 minutes!

So, forgive me for not having a big design post for you today. I'm exhausted!


  1. Wow - funny that you "stumbled" in to the Colbert/Stewart rally.

  2. I know a number of people who went to the rally on Saturday and they all said it was insane how many people were there - made me glad I sat it out and just tuned in to watch it on TV a couple times! Glad you had a good time even with all the horrible traffic!

  3. wow- that looks like a crazy (crowd), fun (restaurant, drums) weekend!!

    I just spoke to my rescue girls and they are driving through Virgina as I type! Thank you TOO for all you do in rescuing the pups. There really is so much love out there... it's heartwarming indeed.

    and Ella sends a wag to cute Baxter!


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